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Jun 2, 2009 05:57 AM

Work Dinner, mid-priced, West Side

I'm looking for a mid-priced ($25-30 entrees) on the West Side below 57th for four guys from work. Something nice, but definitely not too fancy or button-down, so on the louder side. In terms of cuisine, nothing too outlandish. Gotta impress my superiors with this choice, too. Any thoughts?

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  1. del friscos if you want a steak house.

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      Vice Versa (Italian). Benoit (French), Hell's Kitchen (southwestern). Blue Fin (seafood) Note: any steakhouses in Mid-Town would be over your budget.

    2. blue ribbon bakery in the w. village would be low key enough for a casual work dinner, within your budget. i don't think of it as loud, but it's very comfortable and serves a wide array of comfort foods. i've had most of the menu by this point, since it hasn't changed in years and everything i've tried has been good to excellent.

      crispo on 14th st. would work, too. in some places, when the restaurant is full, the noise level is so high that it can be hard to hear your tablemates, though.