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Jun 2, 2009 05:20 AM

In search of: chicken tikka masala recipe

Hi all! Do any of you have a wonderful recipe {geared to an Indian food novice} for Chicken tikka masala? Many thanks in advance!

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    I made this once but it seemed like too much work to me. Not hard, just lots of spices, some I had, some I didn't. But it was very good.

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      Wow Kim, that looks time-consuming - but delicious.
      I've made this one several times and it's very good:

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        the best one i have ever had is from cook's illustrated. i have made this dish over and over and over and over! i have even fed it to picky kids (the kind who HATE to eat at my house but their parents drag them along because they LOVE to eat over!) and they have had seconds. the chicken is so tender, moist and juicy that i have made just the chicken before without the masala. it is fantastic! one thing, though. for the chicken, i double up on the garlic and ginger. but that is just me.

        i found the recipe here, but it is not my blog, just one i googled.

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          I've had that one printed out to make for weeks - think I'll try it this week. Thanks for reminding me!

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            I love the recipe in the CI book. I've made it several times. Fairly easy and tasty.

        2. this one of Jamie Oliver's looks really good - gonna try it:

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            1. To add to the list.... this by Gordon Ramsey looks very easy:


              BTW: Groundnut oil is peanut oil.

              1. I've made the America's Test Kitchen version several times, and my British husband seems to think its on track. It's one of their free recipes, but you have to register to access it. It's a reasonably straightforward version.

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                  that is the same one as the cook's illustrated. i've never had chicken tikka masala other than that recipe so i don't have anything to compare it to, but my goodness, is it tasty! and if a brit says its good, that is good enough for me. (c;