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Best outdoor seating outside of Boston (Cambridge, Newton, etc, anywhere that you can park)

I'm looking for restaurants with parking nearby that have pretty outdoor areas for seating. There have been so many nice days lately where I've wanted to sit outside, but didn't know where to go.

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  1. Gran Gusto has parking next door and across the street, and tables outdoors, with potted plants and parasols. If you sit with your back to the street you can easily imagine you're in Italy. Relax, and don't obsess about the pizza crust.

    1. Union Street Bar and Grill in Newton Center has a great outdoor patio and a huge menu. Its good classic bar food.

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        Next door to Union Street is Sol Azteca which also has a nice outdoor patio.

      2. Siros @ Marina Bay has great outdoor seating and free and easy parking. Food is not killer great, but everything tastes better outside with a chilled glass of wine and good company.

        1. One of my favorites is Geoffrey's Cafe in Roslindale. They have a nice outdoor patio area along the side of the place that has a garden and a fountain, and the food is mostly good.

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            I love Geoffrey's, but I'd have to say that Sophia's Grotto takes the cake for outdoor dining in Roslindale. Very solid Mediterranean in a beautiful courtyard. Village sushi and grill is also very good and shares space in the courtyard. The Birch St. Bistro is also there, but IMO the American fare there is consistently inconsistent qualitywise (although every Thursday they feature a great band of rotating artists performing blues and old-school r&b, but that is indoors).

          2. Margarita's in Waltham. Tables along the river.

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              devlins in brighton, parking usually available close by, lovely patio, good sunday brunch, average bar food - fireplace grill in brookline, not much seating, but reasonably good food, especially for lunch, beacon street tavern, but not any time there's a baseball game, alchemist in jp

            2. The Neighborhood in Union Square Somerville. Not the classiest food on the planet, but it's so cozy, friendly, nice shaded patio.

              1. Lots of places in Harvard Sq. A few I can think of off the top of my head:
                Henrietta's Table, Red House, Upstairs at the Square, Charlies Kitchen

                1. Dante and the Art Bar at the Royal Sonesta Hotel. The prettiest patios around, and cheap parking across the street at the Galleria.

                  Also Precinct at Union Square -- has anyone had the food?

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                    Dante was one of my first thoughts too, with its pretty view of the Charles. I've always been a fan, and it's one of those restaurants that don't seem to get mentioned much.....

                    5 Cambridge Pkwy, Cambridge, MA 02142

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                      Rubee (and heathermb) I wish we were meeting there tonight. :-(

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                          Oh, that sounds so nice - some crudo, maybe sea urchin linguini, sharing a bottle of vino with you two. Wish I could.......

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                      I can attest that the mac and cheese at Precinct is way good as are the sweet potato fries. Healthy combination!

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                        We love the food at Precinct. Maybe I've been a bad 'hound and have not posted about our experiences - which have been altogether lovely (service) and tasty (food). We almost always stop in at off-hours (weekends on the cusp of blunch/dinner). Veggie shepherd's pie, steak salad, burgers, salmon...all have been delicious. Nice wines by the glass and wonderful draft craft beers (one of the bartenders spent time at a Chilean winery so he can tell you about that experience....definitely worth your time to chat him up - he's an absolute doll).

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                          Nice. Thanks for re-posting if you already have. I've missed your posts completely.

                      2. I can't believe no one's mentioned Oleana yet! It's got a truly lovely patio, behind the building, so no traffic whizzing by, and shaded. There's onstreet parking available, too. You just have to get there early enough on nice evenings to get a seat out there.

                        1. food is not particularly special but Granite Links in Quincy has outdoor seating and good views of Boston skyline (open to the public btw)

                          1. Also, Stellina in Watertown Sq has a nice patio in back with a fountain and whatnot (no view or anything but nice) if it's a nice summer evening.

                            1. Not the prettiest outside space- but Petite Robert in Needham has outdoor seating

                              1. Rocca in the South End has an awesome patio and free parking. Food's been better lately, too.