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Jun 1, 2009 11:11 PM

Mr. Kentucky Hot Dog and 2006 Stony Hill Gewurz at Taylor’s Automatic Refresher (SF)

After Simon Majumdar's reading from his new book, Eat My Globe, at Book Passage in the Ferry Building, Alex, Carson and I needed to get a quick bite. And while I’d been proud not to have darkened the door at the local Taylor’s Automatic Refresher, our hungry 9 year-old could not be denied. Nothing else any better was open nearby, so Taylor’s it was. Carson clambered onto her favorite stool at the counter, right in front of the fry station where she could watch the cooks.

I tried to go cheap and ordered two items from the specials menu: the Mr. Kentucky hot dog special, $5.99, and shared a glass of 2006 Stony Hill Napa Valley Gewurztraminer, $5. Carson had her usual grilled cheese sandwich plus garlic fries and instructed me on Mad Libs.

The menu described Mr. Kentucky as “An overstuffed all beef hot dog eaten with a knife and fork. It is filled with grilled onions, mushrooms, our homemade American slaw, ranch (sic), BBQ (sic), and then topped with melted jack cheese. Delicious.” I figured that since I love mayo on dogs, it’s not that much of a stretch to ranch dressing. This was my first encounter with slaw on a dog, having only seen them on PBS specials, and I liked the crunchy addition very much. The hot dog was split and grilled. Nice carmelized onions, and the BBQ sauce was fine for a little more punch. The mushrooms I could take or leave, and the cheese added nothing except more calories. The bun wasn’t toasted and turned completely soggy and flat, so I guess that could be eliminated too. I’m a convert to slaw dogs now.

The 2006 Stony Hill Napa Valley Gewurztraminer seemed to be quite a deal at $5/glass or $20/bottle. I watched a fresh bottle being opened and poured for us. However, the wine was oddly dumb with hardly any fragrance at all, which is pretty unusual for this grape variety.

Our order at Taylor’s Refresher -

Eat My Globe thread -

Gott's Roadside "Tray Gourmet"
Ferry Slip, San Francisco, CA 94111

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    1. re: crowsonguy

      Overly enthusiastic application of parsley?
      Example Melanie at the live stock auction.
      I can recommend the garlic fries from the Kiwanis club, crispy on the outside with smooth and creamy interiors and coated with lots of fresh parsley and garlic.

      1. re: crowsonguy

        the parsley and garlic seasoning was rather pesto or sauce-like and coated the fries with a green film.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          I like Taylors eat their often. Am also a huge hot dog fan like gray papaya and crif dogs in NY. Enjoy Pinks, tail of the pup and Lets be Frank in LA area, But I've never had a worse tasting hot dog than the Mr Kentucky. Everyplace now is reinventing the dog and I think this one needs to go back to the drawing boards. Can't imagine it got pass the original kitchen test. Will end by saying slaw on a dog is a great texture.

          1. re: mick

            Hi mick, have you found slaw dogs anywhere else around here?

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              No, first and only so far was at Crif dogs in NY

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                I thought the slaw dog at What's Up Dog was pretty unremarkable. Neither the hot dog or the slaw was anything I'd praise on their own, and together they were just ok. But then again it was my only slaw dog to date, and maybe I just don't like slaw dogs despite how good the idea sounds.

                1. re: Annie S.

                  Annie, thanks for the warning. Still on the hunt for a GOOD slaw dog.