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Jun 1, 2009 10:16 PM

Neopolitan-style pizza in peninsula?

We moved to Mountain View last year from SF and one of the foods we miss most that we just can't seem to find around here is Neopolitan-style pizza. Our faves in SF were A16, Pizzeria Delfina, and Pizzetta 211. Is there anything around here that's comparable?

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    1. Neither Pizzetta 211 or Delfina make neapolitan-style, they don't have wood-burning ovens. Here's one thread asking the same on the peninsula, but nothing really to recommend,

      The new Woodie Pizza in San Mateo has a wood-fired oven. Haven't tried it yet, but other 'hounds are describing it as hewing closer to Italian style.

      I'm impressed by the skill at Cafe Silan in Menlo Park, but that's a kurdish spin on pizza-making. This post includes some photos,

      1. The best thin crust pizza you'll find in the Peninsula (second only to Pie in the Sky in Berkeley in my opinion) is at Speederia in San Carlos. We still drive there from San Jose all the time on the weekend for lunch. However, I wouldn't say this is Neopolitan style pizza by any means - it's more classic New York style. Another option is Amici's but again, it's not really Neopolitan style.

        Believe it or not Buca di Beppo's margherita pizza isn't bad at all. It's very thin crust and uses fresh mozzarella. It's the only thing I get on their menu. You definitely need to request red pepper flakes because the sauce is a little on the bland side.

        I'm surprised being in Mountain View that you're asking for Peninsula suggestions. I would classify Mountain View as being in the South Bay. (Palo Alto is pretty much the line between Peninsula and South Bay (it's sort of both) and the official county line is between Menlo Park and Palo Alto.) I only bring this up, because "Peninsula" includes Daly City which is much farther for you than anywhere in San Jose.

        Speederia Pizzeria
        711 Laurel St, San Carlos, CA 94070

        Buca Di Beppo
        643 Emerson St, Palo Alto, CA 94301

        Amici's East Coast Pizzeria
        790 Castro St, Mountain View, CA 94041

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          The closest place to Mountain View where I have found good pizza reminiscent of Italy (though more northern than Neapolitan, perhaps) is Pizza Antica in Santana Row, Sunnyvale. But it's not like A16. Italian food in general is one area where San Francisco is far superior to Silicon Valley.


          Pizza Antica
          334 Santana Row # 1065, San Jose, CA

          1. re: mdg

            The pizza at Pizza Antica has a very crisp, flatbread crust. I'm not a big fan but I'm definitely in the minority among my friends. I do like their excellent gnocchi though.

          2. re: katya

            We liked Amici's but it wasn't quite the same. Also a separate observation - Amici's seemed overpriced and expensive for what you get. I've heard of Speederia a few times now so we'll have to check it out.

            Before we moved down, I classified Mountain View as South Bay also but I've found that most people refer to it as the Peninsula so it just stuck. We also tend to eat more 'north' than 'south' of here for some reason so we generally look for Peninsula recs.

            1. re: mrbeans

              For me, the line between "south bay" and "peninsula" is 237, since it crosses at the bottom of the bay. The peninsula (like the east bay) is large and diverse enough that "upper / middle / lower" or "north / centeral / south" is useful.

              I've only been to Speederia once, and don't "get it". If you're a thin crust zelot, maybe it'll speak to you. I was kind of like "what's this small, thin, expensive thing doing on my paper plate?" I don't feel the same way about Rotten City or Goila.

              1. re: mrbeans

                Just know that Speederia is not Neopolitan style. It is a pizza by the slice place. The people who like it the most are the ones looking for a Manhattan style, grab and go, pizza joint. They have 5 or 6 pies already cooked and then reheat your slice to order in a pizza oven. It might be the best place in the area for that style.

            2. North of MV, in Belmont, is Toto's Pizzeria. They claim to make Neapolitan-style pizzas. Can't say if the pies are authentic, but they are consistently well made and tasty.

              South of MV, on the Cupertino/San Jose border, is Cicero's Pizza. Thin, cracker-type crust and outstanding sauce and toppings.

              Each is 15- 20 minutes drive from MV Costco. Hope you will try and enjoy these pizzas. Both are family-run and historic. Toto's since 1932 and Cicero's since 1968.

              Toto's Pizzeria
              1250 El Camino Real, Belmont, CA 94002

              Cicero's Pizza
              6138 Bollinger Rd, San Jose, CA 95129

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              1. re: anyhow

                Both sound great, thanks for the recs.

                1. re: anyhow

                  Toto's is not Neapolitan, not even close. They do not have a wood-fire oven, but rather use your typical front loading pizza oven and make pies of various sizes like Round Table and Mountain Mikes. They are fine at what they do, but don't go in expecting Neapolitan.

                  I haven't been, but Oregano's in Los Altos might be worth checking since they have a real wood-fired oven.

                  Oregano's Wood-Fired Pizza
                  4546 El, Camino Real Los Altos, CA

                2. La Pizzeria is not that far, although technically the South Bay. But downtown Campbell is great and worth exploring.


                  La Pizzeria
                  373 E Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA 95008