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Jun 1, 2009 09:17 PM

Kosher in Scottsdale/Phoenix

I will be in Scottsdale and Phoenix next week and would like to take out a non-Jewish co-worker to a decent restaurant. Any suggestions?

Please don't say Siegel's because we have been there twice and, although the food is good, the atmosphere is lacking.

I see that Bon Appetit is open again. Has it improved?

I haven't gone to Fresh Mint yet.

Is Jerusalem Pita Grill worth trying out?

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  1. Jerusalem pita is pretty good! Try the bean soup (its scottsdale and shea)

    My family and i LOVED segals. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is much better, and the decor has improved some. We stayed in Phoenix for 1 month and met my nonkosher friends and they all liked the place just fine.
    (get the chimichanga!!!!) ( this is at 7th street and Camelback)

    However, next to it the pizza is OUT OF THIS WORLD! King Solomon's is wonderful!!! The owner is a nice guy too! He gave our kids free donuts over Chanukkah!

    Is the fresh mint still open? or bon appetite? What are these restaurants like? HOw about the scottsdale JCC?

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      Fresh Mint is open. It is also the best vegan restaurant I have been to anywhere. I was in Scottsdale for a week and ate there 3 times. Each meal I had different food and it was all great. Fresh, inventive dishes you won't find at any other kosher restaurant. If you're in the area, make a point to stop here.

      1. re: avitrek

        we are going to phoenix next month. Can someone give me an update on the kosher restaurant scene

        1. re: kosherman

          The food at Segal's is good, the decor is family/casual. But the community is small. So it really is a pleasant surprise that the the food is pretty good. Especially when they do Mexican. King Solomon's pizza shop, next door, served a standard pizza. Not bad, just normal. I haven't been out there in almost a year, so I'm not the most up to date. The only eatery I discovered other than Segals was a Chabad place in a former strip mall. It was in a series of storefronts with the interior walls open up. Bookstore. Judaica shop, Grocery store. Sandwich shop. The sandwich shop had good sandwiches. Segals is more interesting, because they do Tex/Mex.

          1. re: AdinaA

            Any chance you remember what the sandwhich place is called? I'm going to Phoenix for a conference this week, and sandwiches would be quite helpful. Thanks!

              1. re: AdinaA

                Took a job interview in Scottsdale recently and tried the sandwiches at scottsdale cafe. Tell the truth, I was not expecting much...but I was really pleasantly surprised. The food was very good and the prices were reasonable

                1. re: joejoetheranger

                  I had a turkey sandwich and was more than satiated (and it tasted good!). Also, I asked them to substitute a garden salad for the fruit salad or cole slaw that it came with, and asked for it to be wrapped in aluminum foil (since I was for the next day), and they were very accommodating.

    2. I heard that there is a coffee shop chain called Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf that has kosher stores throughout the southwestern states including Scottsdale / Phoenix. Is anyone familiar with these stores?

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        I don't know about Scottsdale/Phoenix, but you have to check on a store by store basis. They can be kosher in semi-improbably places, like the Santa Monica Pier. But elsewhere, not. Also, some kosher locations have sandwiches, others, just bagels and muffins and cookies.

        1. re: bay1

          From the CB&TL website:

          All stores in Nevada and all company run stores in Arizona and Southern California are Kosher. The Southern California locations include San Diego, Orange County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara and the Central Coast. Our stores in San Francisco are not under Kosher Supervision at this time.

          Our products and stores are under full kosher supervision by Kosher Los Angeles. This means that all manufacturing facilities and stores are visited by a rabbi from the supervising agency. Please note, however, that our product is not Kosher for Passover. All of our Southern California, Arizona and Nevada locations do have a Kosher Certificate prominently displayed.

          1. re: mamaleh

            Note, however, "company run". That implies there are CB&TL stores run by outside people, which are not necessarily kosher.

            By the way, CB&TL also has several stores in Singapore, only one of which is kosher.

            1. re: zsero

              That is correct. There are CB&TL locations in supermarkets that are run by the host supermarket and not CB&TL. It is important to check for a certificate at each location. Some of the Los Angeles stores offer certified packaged sandwiches and salads. Most of the certified locations elsewhere have kosher baked goods and some certified packaged goods, but they do not offer sandwiches. You can find a bagel and cream cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese at most locations in Southern and Central CA, AZ and Nevada.

              1. re: mamaleh

                BTW - The CB&TL in the Phoenix Airport is NOT certified kosher.