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Jun 1, 2009 09:04 PM

Drinks near degustation...

Any suggestions? Would prefer wine bar...or at least somewhere with a laidback atmosphere. Cool but definitely not loud or clubby. A seat would be awesome!

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  1. You're not all that far from Terroir (12th near 1st Ave.), my favorite wine bar in the city. It's very comfortable and laid back with great wines too boot. Great food as well, although sounds like you won't need food.

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    1. re: Eddie H.

      Terroir is tiny and can get loud and crowded. If you hit it right could be laidback . . .definitely fun, cool vibe.

    2. Terroir is pretty good, but definitely on the casual side. Angel's Share is probably the closest, quietest, and least clubby nearby, and a little bit more upscale. Mayahuel is also nearby but has a completely different atmosphere and is tequila based.

        1. Mermaid Inn around the corner has a great cocktail list. Although primarily a restaurant, that's where I go before Degusation. Has about 12 bar seats.