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Jun 1, 2009 08:51 PM

I thought Lola's Would be Better...

After living on Esplanade for the last 5 years, my boyfriend and I went to Lola's for dinner tonight. It was okay, at least the antipasto plate, crabmeat tropical and bread with garlic spread were good. The paella, seafood for me, meat for my boyfriend, was so-so, the seafood with an overwhelmingly fishy taste and tough seafood, including dry mussels, small, dry shrimp, etc. Oh well, the atmosphere was good but when we tried to pay for the 70-some dollar check with a hundred dollar bill we were told that it would be a while before we could get change as their bank is small. We payed with a check instead but come on, this place is cash only, they should probably be prepared for people paying with, uh, cash... Also, we had to wait for our sangria while our server ran to the neighboring store to buy pens, weird. By the way I work as a server at two restaurants and my boyfriend is a chef, so I am not too fussy. Just thought it would be more exceptional I gues... thoughts?

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  1. We always get the meat paella with some mojo sauce . The mojo greatly improves the dish. Try Madrid (300 Harrison., in Lakeview). My husband's comment, "Lola's done right". They've only been open a few weeks and are severly understffed in both the kitchen and front of house. In addition, they are packed nightly. Get there before 6:15 . The food is terrific. BYOB for now.

    1. I've always found Lola's to be quirky. But on a cold night, it's hard to beat their lamb stew.

      1. I've always been really really happy with Lola. Maybe it was an off night.

        I gotta agree that it was ridiculous not to have change for $100 at a place that is cash only.

        1. It's always struck me as pretty average. The experience can be fun, but I don't get the raves (and I'm mystified why posters on this board recommend it to visitors).

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            I really love certain dishes, but the whole place just doesnt seem to "flow". The past few times I went there was always a minor issue with service and yes....getting change. I liked it much more in the past than as of late.

          2. only gone once, it was a "meh" experience so never made it to the rotation. in spain paella is cheap. why then would i pay ~$15 for stock-flavored rice w/ a few small pieces of seafood?

            sangria was the hilite of the meal.

            cash only is flat-out lame in this day & age. pony up the transaction fee, brothers...