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Jun 1, 2009 08:43 PM

Lamb Shoulder

I have a lot of recipes that call for lamb shoulder - something I never see at any of my local markets. Usually the best I can do is lamb shoulder chops - a pricey substitute. Anyone know of a store that carries shoulder?

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  1. i get lamb shoulder at whole foods.

    1. I've bought some at Marconda Meats at the Farmers Market (3rd & Fairfax) in the past. Top notch and not too pricey.

      1. Any Armenian or Persian market will have about any cut of lamb you want. Jon's in Glendale is where I usually see it, and it's not particularly expensive. There was a lovely big shoulder roast last time I was in that was a bargain, but I had no fridge space for it. They're full of bones, but all the better for it - I used to get these all the time in Nashville, and just roast them plain with delicious results.

        If you don't mind frozen ones, or traveling, the Hawaii Supermarket at Valley and Del Mar in San Gabriel has frozen boneless lamb shoulders for about $18 apiece. They're cut very clumsily - not shaped right for stuffing - but I've roasted them whole, and also opened them out and grilled them in a hinged basket, all quite good.

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          1. Jordan market on Westwood blvd usually has it.

            Jordan Market
            1449 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024