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Jun 1, 2009 08:25 PM

Fusée Rotisserie, Central Station: 3 for 1 chicken dinners, June 1-5

Dear Montreal foodies,

I have benefited from a wild promotion and I would like to share.

Fusée Rotisserie in Central Station food court is making a special offer June 1-5 from 4 - 6:30 pm only. (or while supplies last) You can get 3 barbecue chicken dinners for the price of 1. (That's 3 legs for $7.85 with tax, or 3 breasts for $9.54.) The meal comes with a mountain of French fries, coleslaw, sauce, and cute little dinner roll.

The catch(es):
You have to get a blue flyer (there are heaps of them at the cash) and fill out the bottom section: name, telephone, email, and postal code. This is your coupon to get yer chicken. You cannot make any substitutions. You can only have one special per person. Bring a good sturdy bag to carry away your boxes!

And how is the chicken, after about an hour's commute home? It's not bad. I like the skin, I know it's not good for me but I will eat it anyways! The sauce is very thick and on the sweet side. The coleslaw needs a bunch of dressing. If you like fries you will be very very happy, there are so many fries that the chicken is buried. Did not taste the roll, will keep it for another meal.

And for anyone who thinks this is too much food at once: Chicken and fries freeze well.

Bon appetit :)

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  1. Thanks for posting this, rwarren! I like this local chain a lot (especially that they let you sub salad or veggies for the fries).

    Anyone happen to know if their Outremont branch is also doing this?

    1. The chicken was good. But the fries are institutional frozen kind. But for $8 you can't go wrong!

        1. yay, thanks for the heads up! dinner for the next 3 days is SET!

          1. also, how exactly do i freeze rotisserie chicken? thanks! :)

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            1. re: passthatversace

              get thee a couple of freezer-grade baggies. pick the chicken off the bones (easier to do while warm) and put the chicken into the baggie. Freeze and enjoy another day! You can add more chicken to the baggie the next day if you wish, without thawing what is there.

              Fries should be frozen separately. Without mayonnaise! :P As with the chicken you can add more fries to the bag the next day .

              I dunno if the sauce can be frozen. I didn't care for it so the other two went in File 13.

              Oh and the overriding assumption is that you cannot consume all 3 dinners in one sitting. If you have friends or kids or other hungry people nearby, none of this may apply.

              Bon appetit :)

              1. re: rwarren

                I've frozen Chalet's chicken before - basically, I take the whole chicken dinner, in its foil container, and pop it in the freezer. You just take it out of the container to heat it. If you're having it the next day, you can probably keep the fries and gravy in the fridge, any bread products should be frozen along with the chicken, and never freeze coleslaw...

                1. re: rwarren

                  thanks! i did happen to have some friends drop by, so the chicken is no more :)