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Jun 1, 2009 08:08 PM

Favorite dishes at the Modern Bar Room

I'm going to the Modern Bar Room with my sister tomorrow for her birthday and want to know your favorites and must-order dishes (as well as stay-away dishes!). I've had the beignets and a cocktail and some wine there before, but that's all.

Thanks CHers!

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  1. Veal and goat cheese tartine, egg in a jar, roasted Long Island duck breast, cavatelli "carbonara."

    The tarte flambee is pretty good, too, but huge. Steak tartare is fine but not outstanding, same for tuna tartare, and it looks like my old favorite, the arctic char tartare is not on the menu any more.

    I see they now have a 5 course tasting menu for $58 now, interesting.

    1. The tarte flambee is what many people will recommend and it is pretty good.

      It looks like the menu has changed sort of recently and I haven't had a number of the newer dishes. Of the ones I've tried, I've really enjoyed the duck breast with peppercorn apples and foie gras torchon.

      I have not really enjoyed any of the tartares, there, and would avoid those. They're not terrible, but you can find better versions elsewhere.

      1. I am not a fan of the tarte flambee, i thought it was pretty average.

        Agree with cimui that all the tartares are not that impressive. I also dislike the gnocchi, which was too gummy for my taste.

        But I do enjoy the lobster in a jar, duck breast, lamb chop, and the pork belly.

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          Hey kobe, is the lamb chop bone-in or sliced off the bone?

        2. the beignets are a revelation; I'm glad you had a chance to try them.

          I loved the lobster sliders from the "cocktail napkin menu". The scallops with three types of corn are new on the menu and awesome. Duck confit was nice.

          I didn't like the tarte flambe.

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          1. re: Yaqo Homo

            I am definitely getting the beignets and the duck confit. For my starter I am getting the duck breast. Since the portions are small I am going to get a third course and am considering either the pork belly or lobster in a jar. Any thoughts?