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Jun 1, 2009 08:03 PM

Vegas With an 18 year old and a baby?

I'm heading to Vegas with my wife, an 18 year old niece, and a our 9 month old daughter, which makes this sort of a tough group. We are planning a lunch, 2 dinners, and one in between lunch and dinner light meal. We're coming from LA so LA restaurants aren't our priority.

We're looking to take our niece to some upscale place for at least one dinner (she's never been anywhere fancy) but we our bringing our baby along so it needs to be family friendly.

We are trying to keep the restaurants on the strip if possible and LOS is out since my wife and niece eat Issan food at home (otherwise I'd be there)

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  1. I'd consider Bouchon where you may also be able to get outdoor seating, which can be pleasant; the food is terrific but not uber-fancy and I do not think a baby would be a problem there.