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Jun 1, 2009 07:39 PM

Ocean Grove recommendation needed

Wife and I are headed to Ocean Grove tomorrow night (Tuesday) for a concert. We'd like to stay local, in Ocean Grove, to eat. Casual is fine, seafood or vegetarian food is great. I also remember there was a great ice cream place there.

Any recommendations? Nearby Asbury Park is fine, too.

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  1. Try Moonstruck right across Wesley Lake in AP. The ice cream place you are talking about is probably Nagle's Apothecary Cafe on Main Street (very long lines).....I personally like Day's a couple of blocks from Nagle's.

    Actually Nagle's is a fun place to eat.....decent diner fare in a great space....turn of century drug store. Not sure how late they serve and if they take reservations. Give them a call.

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      Nagles doesn't take reservations, tho I'd be surprised if that was a problem on a Tuesday this early in the season. Dinner there and ice cream at Day's would be nice combo. Moonstruck is still a lovely place to eat. Taka (Japanese) in Asbury is my favorite there. Sea Grass in OG has a lot of fans, but I've not been. All three are BYO's.

    2. Not familiar with anything in Ocean Grove, but I really enjoy Langosta Lounge on Asbury's boardwalk.

      1. I have been to Seagrass in Ocean Grove and it was very good. It is on the same street as Nagels, just on the other side.

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          another Seagrass vote! We will be there next Tuesday for lunch!

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            It's Seagrass for me and read my other earlier posts about it. I also adore Nagle's for ice fudge is my weakness!

            1. re: charmel

              Thanks all.. we ended up at Yvonne's Cafe for a very pedestrian dinner.. grilled cheese w/tomato for me, and a tuna melt for my wife. One of my wife's pet peeves is inadequately described menu items. Yup, menu just read "Tuna Melt" but came with tomatoes and swiss cheese.. both of which my wife hates, so basically she had a toasted tuna salad sandwich. :)

              Also, I tried to order a smoothie, but our waiter said the smoothie person was not there, and he didn't know how to make them. Ummm.. okay.

              Fries were $3.75 for a plate of your basic Ore-Ida type crinkle cuts. Meh.

              Service was slow and almost rude. I ended up leaving money on the table before we got the check.

              Made up for it at Day's.. very generous serving of ice cream for the price!