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Jun 1, 2009 07:19 PM

Montreal Food not to be missed?

Hi everyone!
I'm heading to Montreal this weekend, and I'm excited to try delicious food.
I already heard that some of the best bagels are at Fairmount.

I would love to find a delicious patisserie, an excellent poutine, yummy cupcakes and good pizza.

It would be great if these were near Station Centrale d'Autobus Montreal. If not, that's okay! I'm willing to travel. Someone told me that they found really good homemade pizza for $1 a slice near the bus station. Does anyone know the name of this place?

I'm also missing samosas...are there any good ones in Montreal?


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  1. The area around the Station Centrale d'Autobus is quite aweful (food wise). Montreal has a pretty good metro (subway) system, I would definetely take advantage of that and discover what Montreal truly has to offer. As for the $1 home-made pizza, I don't know the place, but there are tons of $1 pizza places around Montreal (especially downtown) that serve aweful and greasy pizzas.
    SO... for p√Ętisseries, I'd suggest Premi√®re Moisson... there is one at the Central Station (for trains), which is about 4 metro stops away from Berri (where the Station Centrale d'Autobus is located). For poutine, La Banquise would be your place to go, although if you cross a La Belle Province, you might try it there as well. It is a greasy diner, but they make a good poutine.
    For cupcakes, here's a thread you might want to read:
    For cheap samosas (and Indian food):
    And since I am assuming that you are on a budget (from your post), here's another thread that may be of interest:

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      The immediate area around the bus station is also pretty dodgy. Get over one block west to St-Denis and signs of life, especially if its dark out.
      I don't want to freak out an out-of-towner: its not dangerous -few places in Montreal are- but you still don't want to loiter.

      Excellent poutine can be had at La Banquise on Rachel St east, or, closer to the bus station, Montreal Pool Room on St-Laurent below Sainte-Catherine.

      Smoked meat wasn't on your list, but Schwartz's on St-Laurent above Pins is a must.

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        Near the bus station, I'm really fond of Chez Paryse for good burgers and fries. It's on Ontario just west of St-Denis. If you're looking for something cheap, there's also Dagwoods on the corner of St-Denis and Ontario. It's a local chain that serves decent sandwiches. Better than Subway. For viet, I kinda like Pho Than Long on Ste-Catherine a few blocks west of St-Denis. Just a few dozen feet west from there, there's Los Classicos Express, a new mexican resturant where the food is apparently good.

    2. The best cupcakes handsdown are at Cocoa Local! They are divine though a bit far from the bus station. To get there you can go to the Place-des-Arts Metro station and take the bus that runs along park avenue.

      1$ pizza can be a bit dodgy but if you don't mind paying maybe a dollar or two more you can check out Al-Taib at the Concordia Metro station. I have to admit that they are not friendly (some say a bit rude) but the food is cheap and good so don't mind them so much.

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        there is a cheap pizza place in the metro/subway at berriuqam station in one of corridors branching out from ticket entry site of metro, the pizzas are $2 each and there is a special if you take a beverage (i think the cheese pizza is cheaper) and there is a good assortment of toppings, crust is thin. I have eaten often there when at library nearby and never got ill, although i avoid the chicken, sausage versions but have take tuna or various veggie options. There is this italian restaurant been there forever but i havent eaten there in years but they have at front takeout section for pizza etc . You could walk straight south to old montreal and have a pleasant lunch in the terrasse (in the back)at and not expensive if you order salad (green salad with strawberries!) or crepes and you could have a tasty breakfast or lunch at -i highlighted the pastries
        I would rather have a pastry there than go all the way for a cupcake on park avenue which are expensive and frankly just glorified cake no matter how well done they are and i have enjoyed them but prefer the varieties of pastries

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          "The Bus that runs along park avenue" is numbered the 80 or the 535.

        2. I would have to say that you should taste both Fairmount and St. Viateur bagels...I prefer the latter myself.

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            For good pizza, I recommend you head to Little Italy's Pizza Napoletana (BYOB) on Dante...Or Pizza Prato on St-Laurent, near Duluth. The 1$ pizza is best at 3 AM after a night out drinking with the buddies!!!!

          2. Too late now, but how you could pass through Montreal and not have a smoked meat sandwich, that would be widely recognized as negligent.

            The standard spot, which won't disappoint: Schwartz's (also called Chez Schwartz) on St. Laurent.

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            1. No-one mentioned samosas. This is gonna sound a bit vague, but the best ones in my experience are sold in any Indian-owned corner store ("depanneur" they're called here). so look for any non-chain "dep"; if they have 'em, it should have a hand-drawn sign saying so in the window, and they will be down the end of the counter. Only a buck or $1.25, and great.

              For eg, the corner stores on Mont-Royal just east of St-Laurent just past the Shoppers Drug Mart /Phamaprix, and the corner store at Parc & Villeneuve have awesome, cheap samosas.