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Jun 1, 2009 07:12 PM

Please add a suggestion (or two)

What a great board - when I first went to Paris 2 years ago this board turned me on to Fish - (a fantastic choice) and Les Ombres for a 21st birthday celebration for my daughter (perfect in every way!). Now I get to go back with both (adult) children and my husband. Here is what is loosely planned. I would love some help with the blanks or with places that don't look quite "right." thank you

Fri - arrive noon-ish (not jetlagged - train from Belgium).
LUNCH - Cosi Sandwhich Shop (because we LOVE the foccacia at Fish)
DINNER - Au Dernier Metro (thank you Souphie) after night segway tour

Sat - Versailles all day
DINNER - Fish? Chez Denise? Someplace "cool" and laid back, but fun- under 50euros/pp

Sun - Bastille Mkt, Louvre, Notre Dame
LUNCH: Bastille Mkt Chicken Lady
DINNER: L'as du Falafel (because we HAVE to try it)

Mon - more wandering; Montmartre? Arc de Triomphe?
DINNER: I would love to find a great place with wonderful atmosphere, friendly, a little elegance, great food, not too expensive, to celebrate our last night in Paris 40-60euro/pp

Tues - head to Rome!

Thanks for all your help. I will report back when we return.

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  1. I would eat in Versailles at Gordon Ramsay's veranda. Denise is closed on weekends.
    so that would not work.

    For your monday dinner, I'm putting in a vote for Au Bon Accueil. Fits the bill perfectly, methinks (save maybe for bringing you back close to Eiffel tower). If you're in Montmartre at lunch time, why not go downhill (literaly only) and try Wally's famous couscous? I've never been, but I heard great things about La Table d'Eugène, also downhill but on the North side.