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Jun 1, 2009 06:33 PM

The Kitchen Table in Mountain View, Ca

If you are in Silicon Valley The Kitchen Table (http://www.thekitchentablerestaurant....) is worth the visit. I went there this afternoon for lunch and it was excellent. I went straight there after arriving in the San Francisco are and even though I arrived after they stopped serving lunch they were very accommodating. I had the Lamb BLT and the House Cured Pastrami sandwich - both were out of this world. The Lamb Bacon is also house cured and the appetizer was just the perfect amount - only knock against it was not enough tomatoes and that was even a minor ding. The Pastrami sandwich too was superb - one of the best pastrami sandwiches I have had in a long time. I will be in Palo Alto for a few more days and am looking forward to going back to try other items on the menu.

The Kitchen Table
142 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 94041

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    1. Just to add to my Silicon Valley culinary adventure - last night had the rib steak and lamb sausage appetizer - both were wonderful. The lamb sausage delicately flavors nicely complimented by the house made honey mustard and with the light balsalmic drizzle - The steak was excellent - I was expecting a steakhouse presentation (big slab of meat on the plate with the sides next to it) but this was not it - the steak was slices into ~6x2 oz. portions draped over the potato croquette - cooked to perfection medium rare

      1. The Chef is a very good freind of mine and its killing me not having the scratch to go out to Cali to visit his resturaunt.

        1. I went there last night - I was underwhelmed. I'm in town for a few days and decided to make the trek down. They were booked up with reservations so I got take out. The Lamb BLT was not very good. I got a hamburger, and asked for it medium well. The inside was more medium on the medium rare tip. There was a lot of red (but not bloody). It was not very tasty. The fries were limp. Based on my experience, I wouldn't make the trek down from San Franscisco as it's not convenient and a long way to go for mediocre food. You may as well go to Sabra for that!

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            I have not been there, but I know Chaim David. It should be understood that fatty meat is less than successful when colder, as in the environment of takeout. I would rarely rate a restaurant on the basis of its takeout food, unless that is its claim to fame. Within the restaurant, one presumably has access to food at its optimal circumstances, but all bets are off in takeout. It is true that some restaurants make extraordinary efforts to optimize their takeout, and also true that some cuisines are very forgiving. I would not think that a BLT would be in that category. It is difficult to keep the toast crisp but yielding, the "bacon" at the proper level of crispy vs. soggy, with hot fat vs grease, the tomato plump and juicy, and the lettuce crispy. I have found that hamburgers steam their bread in the takeout container, and fries also steam to limpness, and on top of that get cold and greasy. You legitmately point out that the meat was not done to your requested level, and I cannot address that. I think the Kitchen Table is special because it is supposed to be artisanal, home produced food, in a region without much of anything kosher in the first place. People are just happy to have a restaurant of any sort, and are thrilled to have one that is distinctive in terms of type and style, especially one with a general quality conducive to nonkosher clientele.

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              The one thing I will take as a positive form kosherbizguy is that they are busy and booked so that for my next trip to the bay area they will still be aorund -

              1. re: ganeden

                Considering I'm on the road a lot, I know what a take out box does to certain things. But it was clear that the fries never started out crisp (the don't get that floppy in a few mins) and there's no excuse for the burger being underdone. The bun on the burger wasn't soggy at all. It was actually dry and fine.

                Look, I live in Boston. Outside of Taam China and Rami's, there's Rubins. Rubins is medicore but people go to it and it's often busy - not unlike the Kitchen Table. Maybe TKT has some good stuff but the one meal didn't make me want to go back. I've purchased take out from places before that made me want to go back and sit. I've had worse Kosher food over the years in nearly every city, so it's not like it was the worst ever, but I don't think it's worth a 30 - 45 minute drive down.

                I'm glad there's a Kosher option in this area, but because of the lack of choice, they may not know any better. I know another good restaurant in the Boston area would maybe kick Rubins into upping their game. Maybe.

            2. Has anybody else been there?

              I'll be there soon, and am wondering whether this is a place where I can meet some professional contacts (one Jewish, two not, none of them kosher) ?

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                Most definitely - I have taken both Jewish and gentile colleagues there and they were impressed - the food is top notch - I consider TKT to be one of the best kosher restaurants in the US -

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                  My husband is there on business a few times a year. He always talks of it in glowing terms and places it above the restaurants in the NY metro area.

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                    Thank you both. Now I have something to look forward to.

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                      Wonderful. Upscale ambiance. Very professional wait staff (unfortunately, not a given in even upscale kosher places) And a varied, interesting menu that, I am given to understand, changes monthly. I had a roasted beet salad that was worth writing home about. I couldn't resist the lamb bacon and hummus appetizer, the bacon was smoky and flavorful, but more like the texture of cured, smoked meat than the Morningstar farms bacon, or descriptions of real) But when the chef put it into the mashed potatoes in the main course, they were some of the most wonderful potatoes I have ever tasted. I has a special, chicken in a deeply flavored Jack Daniels sauce. Indulgent of me, not perfect (meat was too dry) Companion enjoyed a vegetarian risotto. Lots of good veggie choices in this mostly meat place. Tasted two desserts, both outstanding. a wonderful chocolate brownie and a bread pudding that was out of this world.

                      Oh, yes, it was completely non-embarrassing to take colleagues there. They were impressed.

                      Worth an evening if you are staying downtown. The Caltrain station is a short block away.

                      1. re: AdinaA

                        Oh you are making my mouth water with your description. Maybe one day I can get there - sounds wonderful.