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Jun 1, 2009 06:18 PM

Advice on chicken fryer needed.

I have a got a Wagner 1891 chicken fryer, it is used for chicken frying exclusively. Would soap on this cast iron harm it in any way? After flour/buttermilk mixture sets in crisco and cools down it is tough to clean. Help needed!

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  1. If you use it only for deep frying you don't need the (relatively) non-stick seasoning layer, so go ahead and use soap if you must. Just rub in a light layer of Crisco or oil after cleaning so it doesn't rust. My dutch oven is used only for deep frying and baking. The seasoning is lousy, but it does both jobs just fine.

    1. A little bit of soapy water won't hurt the seasoning on cast iron. It's the harsh scrubbing and harsh cleaners that'll do it in.