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Jun 1, 2009 05:11 PM

New Moroccan Restaurant Lawrence East

Across from Nasr and Farhat on Lawrence East there will be opening soon a Moroccan restaurant called Tagine. Those in the area, pleas elook out for its opening and if you try it please post.

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  1. Definitely an under-reported region of town. Good Moroccan would be very welcome.

    1. Swung by this morning but there are no indications that it will be opening soon. No activity.

      Will keep under surveillance. :-)

      1. Spoke to owner during the Taste of Lawrence and was told that should be opening on the 8th. Will wait for a week or so before visting to let them get the kinks out it.

        1. Here's an update, Vinnie. The paper is still on the windows. No idea when (or if) it will be opening. Good to hear that d c spoke to the owner--hopefully the opening will be soon.

          1. Hey kids, the restaurant is finally open. We went there last night -- it's only open for dinner after 5pm.

            There are a half dozen tables and seats maybe 30 with simple traditional decorations and clear plastic over the cloth tablecloths. Husband and wife team run the place with the wife cooking.

            Soup and one other appetizer (didn't order).
            Mains are either tagine (lamb/beef/chicken) or couscous (lamb/beef/chicken/vegetarian).
            Moroccan pastries for dessert.
            Sweet mint tea (yummy).

            First let me say that we have never been to Morocco or even another Moroccan resto. We ordered a lamb and beef tangine. Both came in the traditional pots, but I think they were cooked on the stove in the back. My beef was pretty tender and plentiful, but my wife's lamb was a little tough. Both were flavourful and we got a big plate of couscous with some veggies on the side. Also some warm bread. Nothing was really very spicy.

            We didn't finish the tangines (lotsa food) as I wanted to try the dessert. The owner then provided the cookies to us on a complimentary basis with some more (less sweet) mint tea.

            I guess they don't have styrofoam containers yet as we got the doggie food wrapped in saran on an actual dinner plate that I'll have to get back to them. Also had problems with the Visa machine so ended up paying in cash. Bill was $32.09.

            I'd recommend those in the area trying the place and look forward to seeing others' comments.

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            1. re: DUH CAR

              Thanks for the great report, DC. Can't wait to try this place out. My experience wtih Moroccan cuisine (a month in Morocco many years agao) is that it's not spicy (hot), but extremely aromatic with unique spice combinations. So it sounds reasonably authentic, from your review.

              1. re: DUH CAR

                My husband and I dined at Tangine this past Friday evening. We had one complete meal (tangine lamb) and one regular meal..couscous beef..both were delicious. You can have any of the mains with any of the sauces. Good soup (add a touch of the lemon provided...tastes better), good salad and good bread.

                The owner is a wonderful host...he divided the soup without us asking and served extra cookies gratis for my hubby.

                The cookies were lovely and so was the tea.

                There were leftovers from the meal to take home and a styrofoam container was provided. :)