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Jun 1, 2009 04:59 PM

Italian/Seafood Center City

50th birthday celebration! We have our sister-in-law's big birthday to celebrate over dinner. She is coming up from FL with our 16 y/o niece, and we'd love to show them a memorable time while here in Philly. She loves all things seafood and all things Italian, and if you can take on the additional challenge to recommend something that incorporates a great setting, it will be all the more appreciated! Thank you Chowhounds!

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  1. I would highly recommend XIX at the Bellevue Park Hyatt. A gorgeous setting, atop the hotel. perfect for a special occasion. We recently celebrated a birthday there with 3 generations and it was memorable for all. They have great seafood.

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      Little Fish would be my first choice. Estia another good choice and easier to get into. For italian on the high end Osteria.. on the BYO end.. I would look for other folks to recommend.

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        Let me throw out one more suggestion. The Oyster House, (reopening according to the Inquirer on 6/4) is rebirth of a Philadelphia tradition. Great fresh fish, fantastic raw bar. Philadelphia classics like Snapper soup, and a fabulous version of Oyster Stew. The bar will be serving updated classic cocktails ... Definitely a place worthy of consideration.

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        Here's a link to my review of the birthday dinner at the Bellevue

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          Thank you for these great suggestions! I see I have a difficult choice. :-)

      3. They're not Italian, but both Amada and Tinto have some outstanding seafood choices that are non-standard.

        1. Estia is pricy but has great seafood. It's Greek, but the setting is very nice and they fly the fish in from Greece every day.