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Jun 1, 2009 04:54 PM

Soft shell crabs

Has anyone had or seen good soft shell crabs this season in Westchester or Putnam. Thanks

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  1. Nice jumbos at Moomiji on Halstead Ave in Harrison. They fry them in a very light tempura batter and have them really sizzling on your plate in seconds after they leave the fryer. They are out of this world!!!

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    1. re: biga290

      My go-to place for SSC is June & Ho on Purchase St. in Rye.

      1. re: Dim Sum Diva

        I do also very much enjoy June & Ho's seasonal soft shell sandwich served on their excellent house-made ciabatta roll. its a bit pricey at lunch at $9 but worth the splurge like most everything in that place.

    2. A friend just told me yesterday that Mt. Kisco Seafood is selling very good looking soft shells.

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      1. re: Doreen

        do they carry blue crabs later in the summer? i've been unable to find them, particularly maryland blue crabs.

        1. re: LW1

          The last time that I was in Maryland for crabs, the waitress said that they were in short supply and the crabhouse was serving Loisiana crabs.