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Jun 1, 2009 03:54 PM

Greek restaurant that flambes Saganaki?

I'm taking my friend and another couple out for her birthday on Thursday. She wanted to go to a place that flambes the Saganaki appetizer when they bring it out. I just spoke to the Greek Taverna, and they said, no they can't do that, that its against the fire code or something.

Its not necessarily a deal breaker, but does the hive have any suggestions? All of us live in Falls Church, so the idea of driving up to MD to go to Cava just to see some fire is not all that appealing.

Whaddya think? Anyone hear of this dangerous cheese restriction before in Fairfax County?

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  1. CAVA in DC/Rockville- delicious!

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    1. re: chicken kabob

      DC location does not flambe (leather ceilings) but worthwhile for other reasons.

    2. i've had this at the Parthenon on Connecticut Ave. near Chevy Chase Circle. DC, but might as well be MD for you. This place is an overlooked gem. Quite a good restaurant.

      1. Atheno Plakos in Bethesda - it is metro accessible.

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          If you are talking about Athenian Plaka, I believe it is closed.

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            Oh noooo, you serious? I was going to suggest this too. I haven't been there in a while (over a year), so I didn't know of their closing.

        2. Anyone remember Alekos on Conn. above Dupont circle? It's been closed for years, but this place had the BEST Saganaki!

          1. What about http://www.tavernacretekou.com/ in Old Town Alexandria. I haven't been there in years but I remember them doing that. And they are not in Fairfax County...