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Jun 1, 2009 03:54 PM

Where to buy spices in Miami or Dade County?

At the moment, looking for white poppy seeds and asafoetida. Best bets for finding them at reasonable prices?

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  1. I'd try Asia Grocery on Miller for Asafoetida.

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    1. re: Icantread

      Asia Grocery -- whereabouts on Miller??

    2. I was able to find both white poppy sees and asafoetida at the shop near Lazeez restaurant, in the vicinity of 13913 SW 66th St (Kendale Lakes Circle). Haven't cooked with either of them yet, though.

      1. Wish I would've seen this earlier. I was looking for asafoetida recently. Asia Grocery doesn't open on Mondays so I found it at Spice N Curry at 123 SW 107th Ave - (305) 226-6377. I also purchased fenugreek and black mustard seed there.