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Jun 1, 2009 03:25 PM


I will be in London next week, vacationing from Texas. Anyone been to the Wolseley recently? Assuming it's worth the visit, what do they do best? Proper attire?

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  1. I havent been for a while - I have heard from a number of people their standards have slipped, however their breakfasts are still pretty good. Depends what you are after - a certain style of cooking, a formal atmosphere, a brunch etc - which could throw up plenty of better options

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      I've been there for afternoon tea recently and enjoyed it. At £20, it's decently priced. I had warm scones, nice finger sandwiches, and some good pastries. Their tea wasn't bagged either.

      My sister went there for lunch when she came to visit me and really loved it. She liked umm this curry, fish and rice dish (the name escapes at the moment, maybe it starts with a 'k') and she thought it was delish.

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        felizglfr, your sister sounds like she had kedgeree (fish and rice, spiced with curry)