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Jun 1, 2009 02:49 PM

New pupusa truck in Napa! Great cheap eats!

Imagine my glee as I returned from a necessary errand at home depot, stomach grumbling from missing breakfast and lunch, to spy a big white truck with red and yellow lettering selling pupusas parked on Soscol Ave:-)
I quickly veered to the right side of the road and backed up to the truck. Sure enough, authentic Salvadorean Pupusas are made to order! They also make tacos and tortas. They have aguas frescas which I didn't try, but will next visit.
I ordered one cheese and one "mixed" (spicy pork, beans, cheese) pupusa. $2 each is a bargain for the good sized tasty treats. They were nicely packaged up in a "to go" box (need to find an alternative to the styrofoam) with a ziplock baggie of home-made roast chile salsa, and a baggie of traditional cabbage slaw with oregano tucked carefully inside the box. I sat in my car to eat the piping hot treats. Delicious! The cheese pupusa needed a little longer on the grill which I will request next time. I was forewarned that the cheese pupusa takes about 8 minutes to cook, so another minute or two is no big deal. These were much as I remember from the great Salvadorean places in SF.
Location: East side of Soscol, North of Home Depot and South of the split of the Silverado trail. Across from the Volvo dealership. Open every day from about 10am to 9 pm.

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  1. Don't have to imagine your glee, it pops off the screen! I'm so excited for you, thanks for sharing this. Making them to order, rather than reheating, makes all the difference. Thanks for the details on how to find the truck and when. If you come up with a name, let us know.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Went back last night with a friend . . . this time the pupusas were already made up. Only took about a minute to get the order together, but I'd much prefer to wait the 10 minutes and have them made to order. Looks like that will be hit or miss. They probably make up a big batch for the lunch and dinner hours. Still, very good, and my friend commented many times during the meal how much he liked the fresh made chili hot sauce. I haven't seen pupusas in Napa before . . . so LOVE having the truck in town.

      1. re: vday

        The guys at Fatted Calf were happy to hear about it. Those of us who got there early had to wait for them to be made.

    2. Tacos, papusas y mas!

      That is the scrawl on the side of the trock. It is parked at 320 Soscol by the long abandonded "La Bamba" bar.

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      1. re: Brandon Nelson

        It is home ported in Fairfield and unfortunately I left the 707 phone number on a slip of paper at La Mixteca which was the 3rd stop on my Napa Odyssey. Pork pupusa purchased at 10:30 and still warm and tasty at 2:15 when I got home. No other name seen close up. They reached the spot at 10:10 today and set up takes about 20 minutes. It was just enough time to scoot down to Fatted Calf and snag some delicious duck rillette, chorizo and sample Farr pork puffs.

          1. re: wolfe

            A few more details.

            Though the truck has "Tacos, pupusas y mas" painted on it, the name is Nua's Lonchera.
            1950 NorthTexas
            Fairfield, Ca 94553
            Open daily 10am to 9 pm

            They had a sign up for Tlaxcales and dobladita $5.

            It is interesting that one of the few references I found on the web ... that wasn't porn ... was this Chowhound report.

            This blog writes of dobladitas " “Doblar” is literally “to fold” in Spanish, and so a dobladita is a “little folded over one”. As a warning, these traditional Salvadoran foods are usually made with corn tortillas and generally made with meat and cheese only."

            Anyway, going back to that Chow link it goes on to say "TLAXCALES These almost inch-thick masa cakes are a specialty of the area and could be made at Los Sauces and other places. there are sweet and savory types (we had the savory). Tlaxcal is the Nahua word for the myriad forms of what we would call tortillas today. Were tlaxcales of this thickness and size what the Spaniards first saw, which is why they called the food "little tortas" instead of flatbreads?"

            Given the similarity of Nua's and Nuhua, I thought it was interesting.

            Unfortunately ... and I do mean unfortunately ... I just had a miserable, overpriced breakfast and all I could do was buy a horchata which hit the spot as it was getting warm.

            He's a nice guy. He said he didn't see any other truck in the area selling dobalitos and told me 'they were waiting for you to come".

            A few recipes in Spanish

            Dobalitos de cerdo

            Dobladita de tomate verde

            1. re: rworange

              rw, I just saw your post on ABC, so assume that is where you were stuffed from the miserable meal and not the pupusa truck . . .
              I went over with a friend a few days ago and noted the pupusas had had a price increase to 2.50 and the hand lettered sign now says "large". Still appears the same, still very good. They have started serving the sides in little plastic containers with lids instead of the zip=loc baggies. I think next time I go I will just take my own plate along.
              BTW, I did make it to Mixteca last week for the chileajo - amazing sauce! The meat was so-so (I think I was expecting boneless pork, but it was ribs) , but who cares when you have that sauce and fresh corn tortillas? The son was working and couldn't have been nicer to me. I'll be back there for sure to try some other sauces. Someone on a previous thread mentioned manchamantel - I'm going to ask if they might ever make this. (There's an excellent version of this at Lopez restaurant in Monterey.)

        1. re: Brandon Nelson

          Thanks Brandon and Wolfe for the details . . .
          Wolfe, I have not tried La Mixteca, and after checking it out on the boards I will plan to go soon. I always seem to end up at Villa Corona for the carnitas or camarones. I would like to find a good mole in town:-)

          1. re: vday

            I went for this dish and it was very good, Oaxacan Chileajo. Better than my very good is this recommendation.

            P.S. who are you calling an oxymoron?

            1. re: wolfe

              Agreed on the chileajo at La Mixteca. Best dish at any Mexican restaurant in Napa. For the pupusa truck, went the other day and the cabbage and salsa are even better than described!

              1. re: wolfe

                LOL, sorry, it was a deliberate mistake;-)

                I'm definitely considering ( ok, see what you've started?) stopping by La Mixteca on the way back from my next pupusa run. Pupusa appetizer with a mole chaser:-)

          2. The $1.25 pastor tacos are quite good too.