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Jun 1, 2009 02:13 PM

Looking for Hulled Barley and other whole grains in Philadelphia Area

Does anyone know of any stores in the Philadelphia Area (perhaps the main line) that sell hulled barley and other whole grains at reasonable prices - Everyone sells pearled barley -but not hulled-- whole foods used to but the Wynwood store just eliminated just about the entire bulk grains and beans department.

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  1. I know this is an older post, but Whole Earth in Princeton sells it.

    Whole Earth Natural Grocery
    360 Nassau St, Princeton, NJ 08540

    1. Kimberton Whole Foods has a very nice selection of bulk grains. I bought some whole Sorghum there a few weeks ago. Still trying to find a recipe for that, though. ;)

      1. About a mile away from Wynnewood Whole Foods is Head Nut at Wynnewwod and Haverford Road, should fit your needs.

        1. Whole Foods in the city carries it. I would imagine most Whole Foods do.