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Jun 1, 2009 02:06 PM

Why do people post on the chain boards when they hate chains?


I love local restaurants, holes in the wall, etc, but sometimes (especially when traveling) I enjoy a chain restaurant/ fast food experience. I like the consistancy of it, and some of the menu items I find to be plain tasty. So I go.

I also like to lurk on the chain board to see what others say about those restaurants. I recently went to Carrabas for the first time with a gift card and used it to see what were preferred items on the menu. But it never fails.... whenever someone posts asking what's good, or what to order because they're going there with others, 50% of those posts are from the chain- haters.
"don't go there"
"give away your gift card"
"how can you hang out with people who eat at Fridays?"

What's up with this? I don't live in San Fran, so I don't offer my opinion on their restaurants. I understand the concept of free speech and that this is a board for everyone. So I understand that not everyone agrees on what's good and what's not. But why post (or read) the chain board if you don't like chains???? I just don't get it......

  1. Maybe you're reading it as "I hate all chains" when it's really "I hate this particular chain" or "I hate this particular dish at this particular chain."

    Or maybe people are just being perverse. You know, the way someone will answer a "Where can I find a restaurant that serves X?" post with "Why don't you just make X at home? It's so easy!"

    1. Don't try to "understand" everything.

      1. I agree - and I have no idea why people do it, particularly when it's rather clear that they've not been to the chain in question for a number of years. I have no shame in admitting that I make several visits to BK and McDonalds several times a year on roadtrips!

        1. ROFL, this question gave me the smile of the day!
          Thanks jessic!

          1. I don't get it either.....never have.

            A similar scenario is when someone asks about the best jarred/premade pasta sauce, salsa or salad dressing and the "it's so easy to make your own" police come out from everywhere along with lectures concerning HFCS, preservatives, etc.

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            1. re: Janet from Richmond

              We have taken a note of your name. As this is a first offense we are going to let you off with a warning.