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Jun 1, 2009 02:00 PM

Brass City Bistro Waterbury, CT

We found a new favorite Italian restaurant this past friday night in Waterbury. We went on a recommendation from my brother in law's cousin's wife! It's called Brass City Bistro and it's right around the corner from mall and it's on route 69 I believe. The place was beautiful inside. We were both surprised cause we thought it was going to be a dive. They brought bread to the table and the butter was molded into little rosettes! Have not seen that in ages. We started out with the fried calamari, it was the best we ever had. Very tender and not overcooked. My partner had the penne with vodka sauce and that was very good, nice and creamy and buttery. There had to be a pound of pasta in the dish! I had the veal parmagiana with a side of penne with their red sauce that was very good also. I got 3 meals out of that one meal. They had many specials that weren't cheap and it was stuff you don't see that often. One I remember was a stuffed filet mignon with either crab or lobster and that was around $50 or $60! They also had fried seafood platters. Everything that was coming out of the kitchen was huge. We will definitely go back for another try!

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  1. I wrote about this place on CH when I went last Fall and I thought it was great. Quite a surprise, actually. But I did note that the "specials" are quite numerous and quite expensive. It's funny because I always thought (when I was much younger) that if the waitrstaff said "special of the day", that meant that it was cheaper, but then I realized it meant that it's not on their menu normally and is usually more expensive. That is defnitely the case here. I thought the food was terrific and the prices on their regular menu were very fair. Portions are quite large.

    1. My boyfriend and I really like this place. We don't like to spend alot of money on a meal unless the meal is worth it and this place is WORTH IT! The food and wine are really good. Their portions of food are quite large, there selection is unusual, the prices are varied. This place is worth a trip to try it out. You may want to prepare yourself to spend some good money, and when I say good money I am saying money on GREAT FOOD. I cannot plug this place enough!!!! Brass City Bistro is still new. They just celebrated their 1 year. If you are uncomfortable with the dinning room, I suggest eating in the bar as we do. We find it more relaxing.