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Jun 1, 2009 01:54 PM

Minetta Tavern Service?

Judging by the reviews, the food there is excellent. However, what about the service if you're not a celeb, or sporting diamonds and designer duds.

My wife and I are going there Monday the 8th for our 10th anniversary and I don't want it spoiled by some rude service person (we're just your average "Joe and Jane.").

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Both of my experiences dining at Minetta Tavern have been superb, and the service has played a big part in making those dinners amazing. From the wonderful, knowledgeable, and energetic bar staff, to the polished, cheeky, and charismatic waiters, service has been professional and lovely every step of the way. I am sure you'll have similar comments. Enjoy!

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        I have never eaten in the proper part of the restaurant but have eaten at the bar twice, the bartenders are as cool as could be...

      2. I'm a civilian and had good if not great service.

        1. When I dined there in April for a late night birthday dinner the service was wonderful, everyone was very attentive and professional. I was very impressed considering the place had not been open a long time and it was quite busy.

          1. i was there on opening night and thought the service was perfect...friendly but competent...and i was very surprised.

            food is solid too...shame i cant get a decent reservation again.

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              Thanks for all the replies. Looks like we're in fro a nice celebration.

              sam1 - I called on Monday yhe 1st and got one for the 8th, but at 6 pm. My other choice was 10 pm.

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                On our way to our dinner appointment in the Village, we happen to walk by Minetta last Friday and I took a card from the lady that was standing outside by their door. I called as we went on our way our dinner appointment and got a reservation for next Friday at 7 pm.

                Looking forward to your review Stuartmc910.