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Jun 1, 2009 01:41 PM

Chicago baseball trip

Six guys are staying in River North and going to games at Wrigley Friday and Saturday. This trip will be most about beer and baseball, with some eating mixed in. Looking for something fairly casual. Lunch and/or latenight. Somewhere good where we can roll into before or after games wearing a ballcap.

Obviously, this rules out many places. However, pub grub is fine. So are hot dogs. Anwhere either near the hotel or in Wrigleyville.

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  1. There's a Bar Louie in both River North (on Chicago ave at Franklin) and by the ball park on Addison. Respectable bar food and late night kitchens. Not exactly indie/local, but serviceable.

    1. There are too many options to list.Lots of pub food on Clark St. to and from the park.Stop in Sluggers or other bars around the park for before and after game food and drink.On game day don't let your ball cap get in the way of eating good.The nearby establishments will let you in hat or not.They want the business.There is a Bar Louie right near the park on Clark.Try the buffalo calamari with a cold beer it's the bomb.

      1. Irish Oak near Wrigley is a great bet. It's a traditional Irish pub with good food including excellent burgers. It's indoor though . . . if you prefer to eat outdoor, Rockit Bar & Grill is not a bad option, and Yak-Zie's has pretty decent wings. About 20 minutes walking from Wrigley (on Clark) is Wiener's Circle, which is open late night too and has excellent char dogs and char burgers.

        1. Goose Island Brew Pub - either in its orginal locaton on Clybourn or the one in Wrigleyville