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Jun 1, 2009 01:39 PM

Sea Salt in Stone Harbor, R.I.P.

Shocked to learn my favorite southern NJ restaurant has closed it's doors! Apparently the chef has moved to the Ebbit Room in Cape May.

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  1. Big bummer. Only had the pleasure once but it sure was memorable.

    1. Drove past this weekend and it will now be Sora... didn't stop to get a menu. I called their other resto, Quahog's, to see about using a gift certificate that I purchased for Sea Salt last summer. They said they would honor the gift certificate at Quahog's.

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      1. re: cjc519

        I drove past a couple days ago and did pick up a menu.

        Here is what I have learned from that:

        Executive Chef ~ Robert Tyndall
        Chef de Cuisine ~ Nicole Schwarz

        This is from the menu I have:

        Duck Confit and goat cheese ravioli
        Nasketuckett oysters on half shell
        Lobster and crab cake

        Fresh field greens salad
        Red romaine baby arugula and mache
        Tomato and smoked mozzarella cheese

        Cheese course

        Crispy skin snapper
        Grilled Copper river sockeye salmon
        coffee rubbed fliet mignon
        Pan seared chicken stuffed w/ fois gras

        I wish them well.

        I too will miss Sea Salt! I wish all well on their new endeavors!

      2. NO!!! I am sooooo disappointed. Was just about to call for ressies for this coming weekend, our first at the shore this year. Had a spectacular meal there last year. What a BUMMER.

        So, any thoughts on other options? I'm looking for a place of similar or better quality/inventiveness in the Ocean City/Stone Harbor/Avalon area.

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        1. re: bcsuka

          We tried Jay's on Third last year and though it was excellent - not as cozy as Sea Salt, but very good. Also a BYO.

          1. re: Rocket88

            Looks very interesting. Thanks for posting!

            For the record, I'm more than willing to give Sora a shot. However, since I live in CT and only make it to the shore once or twice a year -- and since we only get one night without the kids for an "adults-only" dinner -- I have to pick and choose carefully (that's why I rely on the feedback I get from others here and elsewhere).

            I did choose Blackfish (also Stone Harbor) this time. We will be there Sunday night and I will post a review upon our return.

            1. re: bcsuka

              Jay's on Third is one of my favorite places. The food is excellent. I went to Blackfish about 3 weeks ago... you won't be disappointed! Excellent food and service. The wine list is also very good. Have a wonderful time! Try their spin on surf and turf... wonderful! I'll be down all summer and am really looking forward to trying Sora since it's only a few blocks from my house.

              1. re: bcsuka

                Thats excellent - and I know that you won't be dissapointed... I do understand that you have to make choices... but I am sure you will be glad you went and hope when your able to check it out you will! Blackfish sounds really good as well... I hope to get back home this summer... even for a little while!

              2. re: Rocket88

                six of us went to jays on third last night-- four adults and two teens. We all enjoyed our meals very much-- we had one filet mignon, two hanger steaks, one vegetarian pad thai, a seared tuna and a scallops dish (the last one was mine-- I loved my scallops). My son (13) polished off his hanger steak and everything else on the plate in record time (I jokingly asked him when I saw the empty plate whether he'd any vegetables on it when it had arrived). It's a bit on the expensive side as nice restaurants in SH tend to be. Being BYO probably contributes to that. It was also a bit on the noisy side last night, at least according to the two older guests in our party. Since it's a family town there were several tables with quite young (age 2 to 4) kids that were a little bit loud. But everything was very nice and well prepared.

            2. I have some family out there in Stone Harbor - my brother did eat there a weekend or two ago and his wife thought it was great as well. Interesting menu - I won't consider Sora a bummer before I give it a go - sounds like you guys won't give that chap a shot because those other guys left - if I make it out to Jersey this summer... I'm going to give it a shot!

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              1. re: chowundown

                Hey... I didn't put in there that this is my bros new resturant! :) I'm bummed at the moment that I live out in the MidWest and would really like to go - I hope you guys to go and give me some feed back - he's a real good chef!

              2. that's too bad. I liked Sea Salt last year. Stone Harbor so much needs restaurants like that. But it sounds like Sora and Blackfish may be fitting the bill. We go to SH every year; I imagine we'll try both. And maybe Jay's as well :)

                Are any of these suitable for a vegetarian? My teenage daughter's veggie. She doesn't have a huge appetite, so I imagine a nice salad would probably suit, but something a bit more interesting than that would be nice.

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                1. re: DGresh

                  You might want to try Quahog's Seafood Shack in Stone Harbor. It's owned by the couple who ran Sea Salt. It's a little downscale from Sea Salt but similar in philosophy. Very creative dishes, lots of organic local grown vegetables, sustainable seafood, etc.

                  1. re: Rocket88

                    actually we went there last year. It was ok, but I thought expensive for the type of place it was.

                    1. re: Rocket88

                      I took a look at the menu or Quahog's last night when deciding between it and Jays and it didn't seem to have much for vegetarians there.

                    2. re: DGresh

                      I don't know off hand if my brother does vegetarian - but I will shoot him a message - he does some interesting salads - if you have a Facebook page - you can search for Sora Fine Dining - there are a few photos of some of the food! I'd post the link to his page on facebook... but I dont' think that would be acceptable - he's website isn't up yet... but a lot of good feed back has been given by those who have eaten there!