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Jun 1, 2009 01:19 PM

Maria's Awesome Breakfast Salem MA

Had to post about this place.

Really wonderful feel to the place. I liked the pancakes even better then the Watertown Diner.

Pancakes are huge I had two, but one would have done the trick. Hard to find, it is in a little strip mall and pretty anonymous. Totally awesome clean, well lighted place.

Gotta get up the guts to have the hungry man breakfast one morning.

Waitresses were very sweet. Service fast and perfect.

Food delicious. Really epitomized for me what a breakfast place should be:

Maria's Place
10 Jefferson Ave
Salem, MA‎
(978) 744-1817‎

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  1. Always looking for good breakfast places. Thanks for the heads up. Have you been to Red's in Salem? Wondering how they compare.

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    1. re: NSDishGal

      My GF does not like Red's nearly as much.

    2. Just a quick note while we're on the subject of Salem: Autopi tipped me to A and J Bakery, around the corner from PEM (museum) - Great breads and baked goods, and interesting looking sandwiches reasonably priced. Airy and pleasant. It's a lot like HiRise Bakery on Concord Ave in Cambridge - a nice stop on a road trip/museum day!

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      1. re: fredid

        There have been several posts, including my own, on A&J King. Very worthy bakery, but a totally different beast from Maria's.

      2. Maria's is OK. Brightly lit, Formica tables, punctual service, straightforwad eggs, toast and bacon/sausages. Nothing that you can't get at any other run-of-the-mill breakfast place. Red's, however, reflects its history and has great food, some of it quite creative. Waitstaff has been there forever and treats everyone with a "welcome back" attitude. Paolina's in Swampscott, Christopher's in Lynn are also standouts. Mildred's on the Lynn/Swampscott line beats all. Only open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, outstanding offerings using fresh and refreshing ingredients. Huge portions, friendly (and cool) service.

        1. Would love any recent updates on breakfast in the Salem, MA area. Maria's or Red's? I keep hearing conflicting stories. Who makes good omelets? Doesn't have to be huge servings but good food.

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            Okay, we found Maria's yesterday, and I must say, if you are in a hurry, they get you in and out of there quickly! I've never gotten my breakfast so fast. We had omelets (mine Spanish) and it was nothing special but at least it was soft. Coffee was acceptable diner fare. Waitresses efficient but unfrlendly. Slammed down the plates and off to the next table.