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Jun 1, 2009 12:41 PM

first time to new orleans

i'm going to new orleans for the first time for bachelorette party. first night we are going to august. i need a restaurant for the second night. reasonably priced, 10-20 entree, great authentic cajun or creole restaurant. can anyone please recommend?

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  1. check out Boucherie, Mandina's, Ye Olde College Inn, Jacques Imo's, Cochon

    1. Hands down, Cochon (cajun) meets your requirements. Entrees on the upper end of the 10-20 range, but still very reasonable and worth every penny.
      Patois (uptown) is fabulous, maybe a tad pricier than your outside.
      For food I do not consider "great," but pretty good and wildly popular (and very authentic New Orleans), you could go to Mandina's on Canal St., a very authentic neighborhood place (though shinier and newer since its Katrina-necessitated rehab).
      Cafe Amelie (French Quarter) is also good and reasonable; it's a really beautiful place, an enchanting setting, really, if the weather is good enough for sitting outside. I wouldn't classify the food into either of the neat categories of authentic cajun or creole, but it is definitely is strongly influenced by both.

      1. What I am going to suggest is NOT New Orleans cuisine (at least one of them isn't) so please forgive me. I visit New Orleans about 2X a year since the 70s' (No I am not 100 years old). I ALWAYS eat a couple of meals at Mona Lisa's (an Italian Restaurant) that has fabtastic food and is very reasonable and the decor is great (many, many different interpretations of the original Mona lIsa). The second restaurant I usually save for breakfasts but I have had dinner there too is called The Old Coffee Pot. The waitresses are a scream and sometimes sing. I love the food there too and you can not beat the service. And the price is right. You can google either restaurant and check out the menus

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          I'm glad to see that I am not the only fan of the Coffee Pot, nee Maxie's Coffee Pot. I usually work them in for at least one breakfast on each trip - have dined there since about '70 also.

          I always go for either one of the interior 2-tops at the windows, or the first 4-top in the courtyard, as the "people watching" is usually great. What a wonder tableau unfolding on St. Peter St in the morning.


          Coffee Pot Restaurant
          714 Saint Peter St, New Orleans, LA 70116

          1. re: Bill Hunt

            I eat there almost every day durind S.D. Last time there I convinced a young couple that it was worth their wait... they had a GREAT time. I love it when the waitresses break into song. Since I will be there during my B-day, I may ask them to sing Happy Birthday (Stevie Wonder version) even though I normally abhor that type of thing. But the ladies can sing. Oh yeah, the food is fantastic too (and Bloody Marys)