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pasteurized shell eggs?

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Does anyone know where on the west side you can buy Davidson's pasteurized shell eggs?
I want to make some dishes with uncooked eggs.



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  1. If I might hitch a ride on this thread: in the absence of pasteurized shell eggs, has anybody seen cartons of pasteurized whole egg anywhere? I used to get this by the quart at the open-to-public Sysco outlet in Nashville, and it made wonderful mayonnaise, but all I've been able to find here has been egg-white "product".

    1. One other thing to consider would be to buy eggs from a trustworthy vendor who's not a large scale commercial farm (maybe check the farmers market).

      1. I just wrote this on the other thread, but the Vons I go to on Lincoln and Euclid (I think) in Santa Monica has pasteurized eggs. They're in a clear plastic carton. Don't know the brand, though.