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Jun 1, 2009 12:12 PM

No more orange drink at Mcdonalds :(

Well corporate stupidity wins out again . Mcdonalds in Canada has stop serving their orange drink. As you all know this non carbonated beverage has been around a loooong time , and was pretty much a staple drink whenever I visited ( goes well w/ Filet - o- fishy). So now the drink choices are Coke , Diet Coke , Coke Zero & Sprite. I don't like any of them. So to encapsulate: Hey Mr. Ronald , you have lost me as a customer , way to go!

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  1. This is what happens when you have a bunch of "suits" making policy. Besides CocaCola is a ruthless gestapo organization (they might have made the orange syrup base for the drink) I understand how you feel.

    1. The orange drink was always my bev-of-choice to go with my once a year happy meals as a kid. :(

      1. I remember the orange drink when I worked at McD's back in the early 80's, it was primarily ordered with the Happy Meals. From the US McD's menu, apparently they're still serving HiC Orange Lava Burst or something like that, that has absolutely nothing nutritional about it other than 65 mg of vitamin C...which I guess is something, if you overlook the 32 gms of carbs.
        Can't imagine why McD's thinks they need TWO diet coke beverages at the cost of losing a kid-friendly non-carbonated option.

        1. Well since I live in the States I hope they keep it. I always liked it because it was kind of watery at least where I live, it cut the richness of the Quarter Pounder and fries and wasn't very sweet.

          1. Noooooo ... what oh what beverage can I pair with my Filet o Fish??

            I hope this is only Canada.

            When they tried to change the Filet o Fish, I wrote them and complained. They sent me a snarky letter saying their test groups adored the new sandwich... probably made up of BK fish sandwich fiends.

            Anyway, enough people must have complained or sales went down and they restored the pristine,beloved FOF to the menu.

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              1. re: Brain of J

                It is now back to normal, but the thankfully deep-sixed sandwich was larger, with a harder crust, different roll ... not the perfect, soft, slightly sweet squishy one ... and SHREDDED LETTUCE ... ick, ick, ick ... ick. It WILTS. IIRC, they changed the tartar sauce too. However, I was really skeeved by that lettuce. It was also almost twice the price. It reminded me of Burger Kin'gs fish sandwhich ... though I haven't had a BK fish sandwich in ove a decade so that could be different these days.