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Jun 1, 2009 12:09 PM

Seattle downtown happy hour for group?

Hello Seattle Hounds,

I need a miracle. Our annual conference (*snooze*) dinner has been canceled and I'd like to substitute a nice, affordable happy hour for 10-20 people that is within stumbling distance of the Sheraton downtown. Seated preferably, and food on par with booze, but all suggestions are appreciated!


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  1. Steelhead Diner in their back room or The Brooklyn. You'll need to jump on either one to reserve now.

    1. Umi has a great happy hour - from 4-6. Sushi and other japanese foods, great rolls and nigiri plates for cheap, high quality fish. Cheap japanese beers and sake, too.

      Maybe Spur? It might be a bit more expensive and fancy than some other happy hours, but it's damn good. Their house cocktails are $6 each (normally $10-12 each) and are some of the best cocktails in the city. They have very fun, sometimes molecular gastronomy-influenced small plates from $3-$5. I believe wine and beer are also in the $3-5 range during their happy hour. Like I said, might not work, but they do

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      1. re: jakecola

        Spur would be an awesome choice for happy hour, my only concern would be can they accomodate the size of your group. I'd call them and see. If they can it would be a great choice! (and I don't work there <grin>).

        Billy Bob

      2. I think you can reserve the upstairs room at Vessel, depending on the day. That would be a fun place.

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        1. re: Lauren

          yeah, as long as it's not Monday, Vessel has their upstairs open. very posh space, cocktails are best in the city IMO. although, happy hour prices are a little higher (even though you get what you pay for, namely the best made drinks around).

          1. re: Lauren

            With a group that size you can get the upstairs on Monday as well. Just need some advance notice so that a cocktailer can be scheduled.

            1. I seconded (is that a word?) the Spur suggesstion above. I also enjoyed a happy hour at Wann Izakaya, right around the corner from Spur. I really liked the Japanese Tavern approach to happy hour!

              Billy Bob