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Jun 1, 2009 12:02 PM

Vegetarian restaurants in Toronto?

Hi All -

Looking for restaurants in the Toronto area that serve great vegan/vegetarian food...any recommedations?

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  1. A good resource is the restaurant directory on the Toronto Vegetarian Association web site: There you'll find a comprehensive listings by neighbourhood for exclusively vegetarian/vegan places, as well as lots of veggie-friendly restaurants.

    My favourite dedicated veggie places are:

    -- Fressen, on Queen West. High-end, vegan restaurant. I've never been disappointed in a meal there.
    -- Urban Herbivore in Kensington Market is more casual but just as yummy.
    -- Le Commensal, on Elm Street, is cafeteria-style, so fairly casual, but I find the food is pretty decent.

    Warning: Juice For Life/Fresh is overrated and overpriced.

    Hope this helps.

    1. I've heard Rawlicious in the Junction (around Dundas and Runnymeade) is really good, but haven't been myself. Fressen on Queen W was pretty good, but from what I remember it might have been pricey...

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      1. For Chinese vegetarian, I like Cafe 668.

        1. My favourite is Cafe 668; it used to be on Dundas near Bathurst, but they've relocated further west into a glitzy new building, and the food has gotten better. Buddhist vegetarian, perhaps a bit too much emphasis on fake meat.

          Live up on Dupont near Spadina is interesting, it's raw (uncooked) vegetarian.

          God help me for saying this, but I think Sneaky Dee's deserves recognition for their efforts at introducing vegan meals to their menu. There's tofu galore on the menu now.

          I keep walking by Fressen, and thinking, geez I should drop in there... and I never do. I don't know what it is about that place that doesn't work for me.

          I dislike Commensal in concept, ambience, location, and price. The food is alright, but paying restaurant prices for buffet food is nuts.

          I disagree regarding Fresh - it's usually OK, but never great, and the price to food quality is about right. I frequent the Queen/Spadina location.

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            I totally agree about Le Commensal. I think the food is delicious, don't get me wrong, but I went for lunch the other day, and for two plates of food, it was $45. Craziness. I also think Fresh's food is uninspired, and I don't like the attitude I receive when I'm at Fressen. I find they often misrepresent their food on the menu (i.e. list ingredients that aren't actually in the meal). I really like Live, and have had some great meals there, plus I find it's a fun concept. There's always great vegetarian options at Indian restaurants, although I've never been to a fully dedicated vegetarian one like Siddartha.

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              Yeah, I went to Le Commensal once. The ambience (upscale cafeteria) wasn't worth the prices they were charging.

            2. re: svanegmond

              There is one beside Sneaky Dee, previous Tea Shop 168, serving veg dishes as wells. I try their veg. dumpling is very delicious. Also their cooked peanut is amazing. I got it for free as a side dish. The price is very reasonable as wells. The only thing is a very weird decor.

            3. Buddha's Vegetarian (666 Dundas W, yes, right next door to where 668 used to be) does some amazing soups; $5 will easily be a meal. Zero decor, questionable service. But surprisingly flavourful for Buddhist vegan food (I think they may cheat and use onions and garlic).

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                I second Buddha's Vegetarian for their soups. I love the Hot and Sour and it is loaded with tofu, mushrooms flavor and is so cheap and massive. I also like their spring rolls and Buddhas special house noodles.

                Other of my favorites for vegetarian are:


                Brars Sweets- Veg indian buffets

                Mezetta- for cheap tapas