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Jun 1, 2009 12:01 PM

Looking for cuy in SF Bay Area

Does anyone know where I can get Cuy in the Bay Area. I just want to try the dish.


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  1. Here's a google for Peruvian restaurants San Francisco. I had cuy in Peru.

    Edit: Forgot to provide the link:

    1. I've never heard of guinea pig being served around here.

      1. Yeah, I'm not sure that you'll find cuy in the Bay Area. I had it several times in Ecuador, and while I liked it just fine, I'm not sure it's worth going to great lengths to find it. It's not unlike rabbit.

        1. Had it in Peru too, have never seen it on any Peruvian menu in the States, ever.

          1. There's probably some rule about serving guinea pig, just like you can't serve cat.

            The dish is not worth going out of your way for - it's super bony and the meat's just not that interesting to be worth the bones. Worth eating if you happen to be in Peru or Ecuador, of course.