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Jun 1, 2009 11:48 AM

BYOB in Stamford / Greenwich / Norwalk / Westchester

Looking for BYOB restaurants in the Stamford / Greenwich / Norwalk / Westchester area. Did a quick search but only a few Asian places came up. Does anyone have any suggestions? Open to different types of food as long as it's decent atmosphere. Thanks!

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  1. Nessa in Port Chester is byob with no corkage on Mondays. If you're willing to travel well into Westchester, there's Shiraz Persian restaurant in Elmsford, Ocean House in Croton, Comfort in Hastings, Cafe Tandoor in Tarrytown. In Greenwich, Little Thai Kitchen and Penang. It does seem that non-Asian byobs are pretty rare.

    1. Tutti Invitati in Westport.

      Tutti Invitati
      599 Riverside Ave, Westport, CT 06880

      1. Valencia Luncheria, 172 Main Street, Norwalk
        Nicholas Roberts, 75 Main Street, Norwalk
        Letizia's (Pizza), 666 Main Avenue (it's in small shopping center on Foxboro Dr)
        Aqui es Santa Fe Cafe, 32 Broad Street, Port Chester
        I've eaten in all multiple time, and the food ranges from good to excellent.

        1. Following are some additional BYOB restaurants:
          - Amerigo Cafe, 456 Main Ave, Norwalk... Italian (and Pizza)... $0 corkage
          - Baso Cafe, 124 New Canaan Ave, Norwalk... Mediterranean Fusion... $7 corkage
          - Bon Appetit Cafe, 5 River Rd, Wilton... French bistro... $12.50 corkage
          - Chef Luis, 129 Elm St, New Canaan... Creative American... $0 corkage
          - Conte's Fishmarket, 448 E. Main St, Mt Kisco... Seafood... ??corkage
          - Coppia Ristorante, 937 Post Rd... Italian... BYOB Tues/Wed/Thurs only... $5 corkage
          - Little Thai Kitchen, 4 West Ave, Darien... Thai.... $4.50 corkage
          - Little Thai Kitchen, 21 St Roch Ave.... Thai... $4.50 corkage
          - Ole Mole... 1020 Post Rd, Darien... Mexican... $0 corkage
          - Osteria Applausi... 199 Sound Beach Ave... Italian....Tues $20... All other days $35 corkage
          - Piccolo Pizza... 24 Prospect St, Ridgefield... pizza, etc.... $0 corkage
          - River Cat Grill... 148 Rowayton Ave, Rowayton... American... $0 corkage
          - Rowayton Pizza... 104 Rowayton Ave, Rowayton.... pizza, etc... $0 corkage
          - Silvermine Maket.... 1032 Silvermine Rd, New Canaan.... VERY limited Italian menu... (Fri & Sat evenings only)... corkage $7 first bottle, $4 for each additional bottle
          - Thai Pearl... 113 Danbury Rd, Ridgefield... Thai.... $0 corkage
          - Thai Spice... 345 Main St, Norwalk... Thai... $4.50 corkage
          - Tutti Invitatti... 599 Riverside Ave, Westport... Italian... $0 corkage
          My wife and I have not yet tried all of the above, but based on multiple visits we HIGHLY recommend Amerigo, Basso Cafe, Bon Appetit Cafe and Thai Pearl to all of our friends and out-of-town visitors. Tutti Invitati is a very good "italian mom comfort food" style restaurant with big portions and inevitable doggy bag take home. It's been 2 or 3 years since we last visited River Cat Grill... but I seem to recall a generally good impression... will be going back soon to refresh our recollections.

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            Amerigo in Norwalk is NO LONGER offering free corkage. It is now charging $6.00 per bottle. Food is quite expensive for a strip mall atmosphere, good but not fine dining. AND, as I recently found out, if THEY forget to add an item to your bill (like a soda refill), they will arbitrarily increase the charge amount you have authorized on your credit card, to pay themselves AFTERWARD for THEIR mistake. AND this is on top of a generous tip, and without notifying the cardholder.

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              Hope this is helpful. A fair amount of clicking will give a restaurant's policy on byob and other info.


              "The easiest way to find restaurants that allow you to BRING YOUR OWN WINE (BYO
              ) provides unique Wine-Friendly Ratings, illuminating Composite Ratings, corkage fees, phone numbers, cuisines, features, price ranges, days open and links to restaurant websites and reviews."

            2. Toscana in Tuckahoe/Eastchester (Main Street) has fantastic Italian food with lots of seafood items along with homemade pasta, veal, chicken, etc. and wonderful house-made desserts. They do not have a liquor license yet and do not charge any corkage. It is not inexpensive, but we have brought our own favorite wines and that certainly mitigates the cost of the dinner (approx. $50+ per person with appetizer, entree, dessert) Service is lovely as is the atmosphere. Cannot recommend it highly enough -- it's my new favorite Westchester restaurant. But shhhhhhhh, don't tell everybody.

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                Meritage in Scarsdale, on Weaver Street