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Jun 1, 2009 11:29 AM

NY Bagels and Bialys - Scottsdale (New Location)

If anyone is craving a great bagel, smoked fish platter, or a little attitude w/ their corned beef sandwich. I recommend a visit to the new location of NY Bagels and Bialys.
The new restaurant is larger, cleaner, has a liquor license.
Had a terrific order of Whitefish and an onion bialy on Saturday. Look forward to returning later this week!

The new restaurant is Scottsdale Rd, just south of Shea near Checker Auto.

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  1. Onion bialy, haven't had one sicnce 1983. lived on L.I. for a few years, would get bialys, whitefish salad & chopped liver at Walbaums in Patchogue, man I forgot how good they are. I'll be down in AZ in October, I know that area on Scottsdale road. A definate stop!

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      Also recommended for whitefish is Scott's Deli on 7th St / Missouri. It's the only breakfast in town that I know of with an option for a bialy.

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        Scott's Generations Restaurant
        5539 N 7th St # 108, Phoenix, AZ

    2. Glad they have a new location. Although I liked their food, their old location seemed so dirty to me that I stopped going. Will have to check out the new place!

      1. Thanks for the heads up, ciaogal. My dad has been buying bagels there for his office almost every day for years. I hope the new location doesn't throw him off.

        By the way, has anyone tried the whitefish available at Costco? I'm curious if anyone else thinks its pretty good. You have to buy a lot of it, but the value is there if you need a lot, and it keeps well.