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Jun 1, 2009 11:17 AM

Regent's Park: What's in the picnic basket?

I hope to woo my SO with a lovely picnic in Regent's Park at the end of June.

Where shall I go en route to the park (Marylebone/ Bloomsbury area; I'll be on foot) to fill the picnic basket?

And what are some wowsy things to include with the bottle of champagne? No dietary restrictions but (sadly) some money restrictions-- recs for good value items appreciated.

Thanks in advance for supporting my wooing effort.

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  1. Cheese from La Fromagerie and a pork pie from the Ginger Pig next door

    1. You go stop at Bea's of Bloomsbury or Paul's in Marylebone to pick up a nice dessert or breads.

      1. What a lovely idea! You really can't go wrong with some good cheese, proper charcuterie, and accompaniments (fresh baguette, celery, chutneys, etc). Cake or pastries to finish and don't forget the cheese knife!

        (That said, I was once treated to a Middle Eastern picnic of hummus, pitta, jewelled couscous, delicious cold lemon & garlic roast chicken, grilled halloumi with chilli jam, and a decent Lebanese wine. Different but yummy.)

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          Decent lebanese wine??? bah humbug! lol ;o)

          Ps. watch the musar masses come out now.

          1. re: DollyDagger

            Dolly-- that ME picnic is a nice idea. Might do with a regional theme (Lebanese, French, or something else) with suitable picnic blanket and accoutrements.
            Zuriga-- I know Paul's of course, but Bea's is new to me. Checked their website but can't tell- do they do only sweets?

            1. re: sinjawns

              I was there quite awhile ago last time, but I think they may also quiches and sandwiches. I'm sure a call to them would give some answers. Their food is nicely prepared.

              1. re: zuriga1

                sinjawns , i checked their website and you just click on todays menu and its all there .

                1. re: millema

                  Thanks Millema-- the menu doesn't show in my IE browser, but does in Safari. A refreshing change-- usually sarafi is the one that gives me trouble.