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Jun 1, 2009 10:41 AM

Inexpensive restaurants near 26th and 6th

Hi everyone, my wife and I will be staying at a hotel near 26th and 6th for about a week and would like to know about all the tasty but inexpensive eateries near there.

Just about any type of spot would be welcome, pastry shops, noodle or pizza joints, italian, mediterrenean, cheap breakfast eats, worthwhile street carts, dim sum spots, seafood restaurants, and finally I would particularly like to know where to get a great lamb boonha.

Thank you

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  1. You need to define what "inexpensive" means to you. So, for dinner, give us your per person budget for *food only* (beverages, NYC tax @ nearly 9%, and 20% tip additional).

    1. I would take a short walk to Rebublic for noodles - 37 Union Sq W | Btwn 16th & 17th St
      Shake Shack for a burger
      Live Bait for Seafood (14 E 23rd St | Btwn Madison Ave & Bway )
      BLT Fish Shack for Seafood - 21 W 17th St | Btwn 5th & 6th Ave
      or Markt for Seafood - 676 6th Ave | At 21st St
      Co. for pizza - 230 9th Ave (short walk) OR Rosa's for a grandma's sicilian - 28th btwn Madison and Park OR Patsy's- 318 West 23rd St
      Bar Stuzzichini for Italian - 928 Broadway | Btwn 21st & 22nd St for Italian
      Madeline's for pastries - 128 w 23rd

      1. If you want to keep it cheap, you might consider travelling to Chinatown for Asian food. The cost of the subway or even a cab will be offset by the difference in prices, and the quality of the food will be much better. Search the Board for Chinatown and you'll find plenty of recommendations. If you are more adventurous, search the outer boroughs board and head to Flushing.

        1. A bit of a foodie dead zone right there, but I wouldn't get 2 caught up in finding places so near by. a lot of good neighborhoods are withing a reasonable, pleasant walk; a $5 cab ride will get you to most decent nabes, and the subway is quick.

          That said:

          - def get the shack burger at shake shack (just try and pick off peak timing (nighttime or rainy day to avoid the line)

          - eisenberg's deli for a pastrami sandwich at 5th ave & 22nd.

          - tebaya for tasty japanese style chicken wings (takeout only). 19th street @ 7th ave.

          - bbq chicken & beer -- korean fast food chain on 7th @ 24th.

          - boqueria: great spanish tapas at 19th street & 6th. price can add up quickly, but reasonable for lunch.

          - grand sichuan, a bit further away at 9th ave @ 24th... soup dumplings, dim sum and great specialties of the house.

          - koreatown is nearby. search the board for recs there.

          - curry hill is also somewhat nearby on lexington ave. cheap indian, primarily south indian. check the board for recs there as well.

          - sirtaj indian (26th & 6th). serious dive, but some people swear by it. and it has lamb bhuna. steps from your hotel. takeout.

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          1. re: thievery

            thank you so much, these all sound fantastic, and to answer the definition question, I should say that I mostly want good value. Most of my hotel stays have been near the theatre district and a lot of the restaurants have given me a bit of a ripped off feeling when I was just trying to grab something quick.

            So if I am eating upscale seafood, I dont mind spending a lot more than I would spend on a noodle dish as long as thats a good price relative to other dishes of that type in manhatten.

            The only item I left off my list was good soup. I am wondering if there are any good places near my hotel for a great sourdough and bowl of soup.

            1. re: thievery

              This is a great list, but the chicken and beer place on 7th and 24th is closed.

              I'd add Rub for bbq, or you could go to Hill Country. I think Rub has better sides, but Hill Country offers some good lunch specials.

              1. re: LloydG


                - a place that seems to fly under the radar, cafe 50W (50 W 21st at 6th ave). great sandwiches, salads and soups. nice decor. woodblock tables. a couple outdoor tables. live music in evenings. friendly service.

                - bluedog cafe (24th @ 6th): takeout spot. gourmet sandwiches, salads, and SOUPS. good coffee and excellent deserts. 3 or 4 tables inside which are generally avail outside of the lunch rush hour.

                1. re: thievery

                  Blue Dog Cafe is my favorite lunch spot in the neighborhood. On a nice day, grab a sandwich or salad from Blue Dog and head over to Madison Sq Park.

                  Le Zie is a wonderful, moderately priced Tuscan on 7th Avenue at 20th Street.

                  1. re: Blumie

                    Not to be petty but Le Zie is Veneziana cuisine not Toscana

              2. re: thievery

                I had lunch at Eisenberg's today and got the Hot Pastrami. It wasn't enormous, but it was certainly delicious. Good pickles too :) I want to try their chopped liver sandwich next time.

                Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop
                174 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010

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