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Jun 1, 2009 10:39 AM

Las Vegas Anniv. undecided

Hi all,
We have now decided on our meal choices while in Vegas for our Fourth of July anniversary trip. Thursday: lunch at T & T at the Luxor (we want something light, close to the Four Seasons, and we love margaritas), dinner at Craftsteak. Friday: lunch at Burger bar and dinner at Bouchon followed by LOVE. Saturday: dinner: ????. We can't decide. This is when we will be celebrating our anniversary and we want somewhere fabulous and really romantic. We are trying to decide between Alex, Guy Savoy, and Alize. (We want to save Joel Robuchon for another time). We would love your thoughts on the combination of food, romantic atmosphere, and value of these choices. HELP!
Thanks as always!

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  1. Strong recommendation for Alex; it's my favorite restaurant in LV.

      1. re: raider

        Thanks for the recs. I just got a reservation at Alex for the 4th. I know the view from Alize is supposed to be great which is why I was considering it, but some of the posts about Alex (including the ones with the tasting menu reviews) were just too good to beat! The restaurant looks beautiful and the food sounds amazing! Can't wait. I'll post a review upon our return!

        1. re: charliebear2

          The economy has been great for Alex-loving Chowhounds. They currently have 3-options:

          1. Taste of Wynn, 3-course prix fixe for $98

          2. Four-course prix fixe for $145. This used to be $165 for 3-courses. It now includes both a meat and fish course along with app and dessert.

          3. Tasting menu for $185 which I believe is down $20 or so.

          I've had the tasting menu multiple times and it's been delicious and memorable. You won't go wrong anyway you choose.

          1. re: climberdoc

            Thanks for tips! We are really excited. I think we will try the tasting menu with wine pairings since that's what we usually do, but I just took a look at the menu and the four course choices do look delicious.