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Jun 1, 2009 10:19 AM

Suggestions 4 East Falls Gastro Pub / BYO

A group of about 10 of us are going out to dinner Friday evening - probably around 9ish - preferably in, or around East Falls. Do not want to spend a fortune - welcome suggestions...

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  1. There might be like 2 choices in East Falls with a Gastro Pub not being either of them. Johnny Manana's or Franco's Trattoria.

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    1. re: Den

      There's not a lot in East Falls... I do like Franco's a lot, but it's neither a BYO or a gastropub. I wouldn't recommend Johnny Manana's - it's rather meh tex-mex.

      I would think your best bet close to East Falls would be Manayunk. My favorite for the area is by far Chabaa Thai (which is BYO) - I would say it's the best Thai restaurant in the City. Other than that. However, be warned that parking in Manayunk on a Friday night could be an adventure, and if you're talking about this weekend, than it's Bike Race weekend. The annual Bike Race turns Manayunk into a full-out college-style party, complete with beer pong on the sidewalks. Keep that in mind, particularly if you plan to visit any drinking establishments.

      1. re: PhillyA

        I agree with PhillyA - Chabaa is the best Thai in the city. It's the only restaurant that I leave center city for!

    2. Pour House Tavern has a decent draft and bottle selection (nothing earth shaking). I've never had their food but it looks like typical fare.

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        Thanks for the suggestions... Was not intending to go to Myunk due to parking issues. I am wondering if we go over to Bala C - on the otherside of the river. Welcome thoughts.... Never liked Johny Ms... and want to keep the price down hence preference for BYO which rules out Fanco's.

        1. re: FriskLamb

          have you thought about Earth Bread & Brewery in Mt. Airy? They have great flatbread pizzas together with great beer.

          I live in Bala there are no gastropubs here. BYO options in the vicinity which I would recommend include:

          Chun Hing (Chinese) in the Pathmark shopping center on Monument Rd;

          Saffron (a new Indian bistro with decent food, casual cafe type amosphere);

          Ginza in Narberth (sushi...this is a bit more expensive);

          Margot BYOB in Narberth (a good place to go with another couple food a bit more upscale and may be more expensive than you had in mind);

          tavern type options include:

          The New Tavern in Bala Cynwyd (all around type restaurant has something for everyone)

          Aldar Bistro (mediterranean)

          The Pub at Penn Valley

          Yeats in Wynnewood

          Since you are planning to go on the late side, I would check whether these places serve dinner late. I'm pretty sure that you can get a late meal at the Pub at Penn Valley and Yeats.