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Chocolate fudge layer cake?

Are there any places in the city that serve a great chocolate fudge layer cake -- I think these have a different flavor than buttercream or ganache frostings.

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  1. Blue Smoke, they serve it with a glass of milk.

    1. Thanks for the rec. It is indeed pretty tasty, but sadly the frosting is not as thick and fudgy as I imagined.

      1. Perfect place is Two Little Red Hens for their blackout cake. It's filled with chocolate pudding and covered in fudge frosting and chocolate cake crumbs. If you want a true chocolate fudge layer cake, you can get a custom made one using chocolate cake, fudge frosting and fudge filling.

        Amy's Bread also has a decent one (while not as good as Red Hens). But I don't think you'll be happy with the ratio of frosting to cake.

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          Thanks for the rec. I'd had the blackout cake a couple times, and it is indeed delicious and closer to what I'm looking for, though the chocolate's perhaps a little less sweet than in my imagination as perfect :).

        2. My favorite is Junior's blackout cake.

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            Thanks - pretty good, though sadly when I got it the cake was a little cold so the frosting was a little bit TOO immobile.

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              Junior's Chocolate Layer Cake. It has a subtlety (or is it nuance?) that is uncommon in most devil's food cakes with fudge(y) frosting - but still delivers the powerful sweetness, and sturdy unctuousness, that lovers of this type of cake crave. Even better when you wait for the chill to leave, and the mobility to return. Not clear if you are looking to be served a slice, or buy a whole cake. About $27 at Junior's locations, $35 on their site (plus S&H), and up to $60 on floral/gift sites (plus S&H). One of better examples of this genre of classic American, frosted, layered towers.

              For non-fudge, butter-type chocolate cakes, there is Black Hound NY.

          2. Dessert Delivery makes a killer choco layer cake


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              I don't remember if it is Dessert Delivery's chocolate layer or the mud cake that I found terribly decadent. Which ever it was, I kept sneaking seconds and thirds and I'm not normally a chocolate person.

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                Terribly decadent, indeed, and I'm not a huge chocolate person, either. DD also makes a pretty damn good cookie (comparable size-wise to Levain).


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                Not sure if you're talking about the mud cake JungMann mentions, but I enjoyed that. Not quite a fudge cake, but definitely addictive. The outer layer of frosting combined with bits of chocolate cake is scrumptious.

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                  The office just ordered another chocolate layer cake the other day. I resisted it the first day but attacked the leftovers when someone sat them on the counter after lunch. It is seriously good.

              3. Juniors anything is awesome!

                1. Good Enough to Eat on Amsterdam and 84th. It's the Platonic ideal of chocolate cake.

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                    Sorry, but am going to have to respectfully disagree with you. I've had it before once and thought it was pretty bad -- dry, felt like I needed some water to get it down. Thought it may have been a fluke so I tried it again. Same thing. The parts with the frosting were much more manageable. But chocolate cake should be able to stand on its own.

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                      Once or twice (out of a hundred times) I've had that experience too. Since there is a pastry case, I always take a look to make sure that the frosting's shiny (which is a good indicator). And I ask my server if it's fresh. (If not, opt for whatever is: the German chocolate and the coconut cake are great options).

                      On the occasions when I've been disappointed, I have written a letter to the owner (Carrie Levin), telling her as much. She always sends me a note of thanks (!) and an offer for a free replacement.

                  2. Believe it or not Michael Jordans(Grand Central Station) has an unbelievable one...and its HUGE!

                    1. Perhaps not what the OP is looking for, but Delicatessen offers a slice of chocolate "birthday cake," which happens to be my favorite kind of cake, on its dessert menu. Delicatessen's version is excellent.

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                        Not having had this, and with no plans on going to Delicatessen, what makes this your favorite kind of cake?

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                          Sorry, I'm not sure what you're asking. I just really like traditional chocolate layer cake.

                      2. The layer cake at Strip House probably counts, but I'm not sure if it's technically a fudge cake or not.

                        Black Hound also make good layer cakes.
                        Lady M has a following.

                        1. Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone. To tell you the truth, the chocolate fudge cake at Cheesecake Factory seems to really meet the bill!

                          1. I go to Edgar's Cafe between 91st and 92nd on Amsterdam with my dad