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Bratwurst online?

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Hi All,

Looking to send my father bratwurst for Father's Day and will need to order it online. He prefers "white" brats, preferably all-veal or at least partially veal and preferably delivered non-cooked. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

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  1. Pork is your basic bratwurst meat. For white veal sausages, try looking for bockwurst or weisswurst. It's hard to find white sausages uncooked.

    1. http://www.usinger.com/ala_bratwurst.php

      1. Pork is, indeed, your basic sausage meat, but not to Schneider's where, one day, some dim bulb started adding chicken to the Oktoberfest sausage, formerly an excellent sausage. I haven't bought one since.

        1. http://www.schallerweber.com/sausages...