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Jun 1, 2009 09:03 AM

Best of Bloor West/High Park?

Just wondering what are your favourite restaurants in the Bloor West/ High Park area?

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  1. creme de la creme for brunch.
    Momiji for sushi
    Vibo for italian
    Patisserie st Honores for danishes

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      creme de la creme & pattisserie are both tasty...but they fall under the kingsway village, not bloor west.

      pattisserie st honore is significantly better than hot oven bakery which is in bloor west. But be aware, the owner dissapears for 1 month in the summer to go back home to France & is closed on Sundays.

      Hot oven, theres 2 locations close by (one in bloor west and one on the kingsway). i found the one in bloor west to be better. Anything I have purchased from the Kingsway location is a let down.

    2. I have been to, and actively disliked, the Firkin (what a surprise) and Dr. Generosity.

      The Griffin is passable if you want a burger and a beer.

      Shakey's was fine. Probably loads of fun when it's busy.

      The only place I can remember really enjoying is the Dark Horse pub. They have a big difference between their A team and their B team. The A team has done brilliant pad thai, and splendid blackened salmon caesar. The B team wasn't a colossal failure, but simply okay with some bungles that should have been caught by the servers. I don't know what the trick is to catch the A team. Their patio in summer is heaven.

      1. I personally really like Dr. Generosity for brunch. The Yellow Griffin is good for a huge and interesting burger, but definitely a bit of a dive inside and it can take forever to get a burger when it is busy. Momiji in the Kingsway Village is my fave sushi place. It's not exactly BW but it is just a bit further west on Bloor. I also really like Henry VIII Ale House which is also in the Kingsway Village.

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        1. re: Toronto Chower

          Agree with all the above. I also dig Hot Oven bakery for bread-y things.

          1. re: piccola

            Absolutely agree about Hot Oven bakery - we buy all of our bread there. (One caveat, their 'Montreal bagels' are not from Montreal, but are priced as if they are.) We like the whole wheat and the all grain loaves the best. Also the olive bread is amazing - can't recall the name of it at the moment.

            Sway, thanks for giving me the go ahead to try Pho Huong again. Looking forward to it.
            LTL Pho Ga Bahn Cuon is a tad too far for us to consider for a walk down the street kind of meal. One day when we feel like biking or driving we'll make it a destination - thanks for the rec. We're also interested in trying the Stockyards BBQ place out that way...

            Anybody been to Boo Radley's on Dupont? We've been meaning to go there too - love the name.

        2. My wife and I LOVE the perogies at Amber European (just west of Bloor Jane)

          1. I think Dr. Generosity's has consistent pretty good food. It will not blow you away, but it's pretty good. It is very much a family restaurant.
            Bryden's at Jane is also good for pub food and excellent beer prices - much better than Shakey's IMHO.
            I would pass on Griffin. Takes forever, it's expensive and really, once you get past the gimmick, it's not all that great.
            Queen's Pasta can sometimes have some good specials.
            Unfortunately, I don't find my own neighbourhood to be a dining 'destination'. If I didn't live there, I really don't think I would go out of my way to get there...

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            1. re: tochipotle

              Thanks for your suggestions so far. I've been to Dr. Generosity's for brunch and dinner. I was impressed by brunch, but dinner was pretty mediocre, including very fishy tasting calamari, but decent trout. I moved to the Junction about 8 months ago, and have developed a bad habit of not leaving the block.. It's so easy when you can walk to dinner. We thought we'd try to branch out to Bloor West last Sunday, but Yumi was closed so we (of course) ended up back on Dundas again...desperately trying to break free! Thanks!

              1. re: sway

                sway - what are you enjoying on Dundas?