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Jun 1, 2009 08:58 AM

Bulldog BBQ

Just got the July issue of Bon Appetit where Bulldog is listed as one of the "Best New Barbecue Restaurants" in America! How do you figure? Maybe there weren't that many to choose from?

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  1. I dont know, is that the one that was opened by one of the Top Chef Contenders? Tom Jenkins in Fort Lauderdale is AMAZING! Every time I drive by, my car sucks in the smells of the smoke, I am instantly hungry!

    1. Have eaten at Bulldog many times. Love their ribs, brisket, flat bread with BBQ chicken and pulled pork. Cornbread, cole slaw and BBQ sauces are average. Chopped salad and Homestead tomato salad are excellent. Large portions and fair prices. Service friendly and prompt. Fruit cobbler, chocolate cake and cookies and milk are all excellent. Not classic Carolina Q but comfortable neighborhood place. Added bonus, they serve Yueng Ling beer. Howie has been there in the kitchen every time we have been there. Fun to sit at the bar and watch the action.

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        That's some well paid PR placement.

        BullDog is Aventura franchise fodder and little more. It's like saying Pollo Tropical is the best Cuban food in town. We got an e-mail over the Memorial Day weekend (Maybe UrbanDaddy?) saying that they would fill a takeout box of delicious Bulldog BBQ to feed a family of five for $50. The BBQ pork at Bulldog was the consistency of pencil shavings last time we were there - pulverized and served in a little cup.

        We live on the Beach and head north during HipHop weekend to avoid the traffic and went to the takeaway window at BBQ Beach on 125th & Biscayne and took away a hefty aluminum takeaway box of tender, smoky "Whacked pork" which is served in big, moist, tender chunks - for $4.50 a pound. Honestly - we lived off that smoky takeaway for ALL 3 rainy weekend days for a twenty...

        Bon Appetit my arse!


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          BBQ Beach is pretty good for a more BBQey experience, though I do like a bit of the menu (not really the entrees) in Bulldog. Btw, I think I had the best St Louis Ribs (or ribs period) I've had in Miami recently in Mahogany Grill.

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            I think the key word is "new". "Best NEW Barbecue Restaurants" in America. Even with that consideration and reports from avid Q fans who have been, I'd have to think it is not a contender for that award. Especially when you are considering the entire nation(?).

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              Thinking about it, it is probably because of Howie and his Top Chef appearance. The one time we were there I observed him and never once saw him smile or seem to have fun. I really think his attitude reflects on his food.

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                i thought so too, but the small blurb didn't even mention Kleinberg!

            2. re: advisor_Girl

              AG. I respectfully disagree about franchise fodder. Bulldog does not pretend to be real Southern BBQ. It is Howie's take on BBQ. BTW, I have no connection to the restaurant. Sorry it does not meet your high standards.

              1. re: rebus1805

                No worries rebus>

                We don't all have to like the same things and I don't have any ties to any restaurants either. I do think that Bulldog would make a great franchise - it's got a cute decor and a fun graphics package, a nicely formatted restaurant fare that would translate anywhere and a super friendly family style vibe. I do not think it is BBQ in the sense that real BBQ fans tend to be zealous about flavor (myself included) but the place is definitely appealing to a broad base of homey food fans and would do well as a chain.

                I eat at chain restaurants (oh GASP!) and this one would work - don't you agree? It's just not what I had hoped for when I heard that Howie was bringing his Top Chef energy to a budget-friendly BBQ joint in North Miami. That said, I don't love the eat-in experience at BBQ Beach on 125th so much but the flavor of the meat is more authentic tasting to me and we really enjoy the takee outee like we do at Joe's Takeaway on the Beach.

                I like the more authentic taste of slow cooked smoky BBQ and the more developed flavors that "pit masters" bring to the stuff they strive to call BBQ. I think Bulldog is a safe and somewhat modest "formula" of comfort food that really addresses the NMB crowds very well. They line up in the hot parking lot for it after all. It is great that Howie is there and while he shows little of the spunky monkey charm he had on TV, it is good to see he is invested in his product. Why does he seem so sad?

                There is surely no harm/no foul in being commercial and successful and Howie is busy being successful. It's just not "The Best" for me.

                My 2 cents...


          2. Maybe this is like getting a wine specator award for your wine list? (insert credit card here)

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              Maybe so... The Miami Herald reviewer seems to agree with the Hounds:



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                I've read the reviews....and I'm not going....because I want "real bbq".....But kudos to Chef Howie for creating what the folks in that neighborhood consider to be BBQ.....He serves what I call "Yankee BBQ" and it's working out well for him......I just won't be in the line for it........Can't wait to crank up my Big Green Egg and smoke a brisket for about 18 hours this weekend!!


            2. I have to say that I agree with rebus... I thought that the food was awesome and definitely had a different BBQ flavor to it. When I went I ordered the beef brisket, which came with coleslaw and cornbread, and I chose my side to be the sweet fries. The friend that I went with ordered the "burnt end beans" which looked awesome, but that could be just because I am a really big brisket fan. The beans came with pieces of the brisket in it, which looked mouthwatering. I was content with my meal and the portion size allowed me to bring home leftovers. The service was friendly and definitely efficient, we were constantly being checked up on if we needed anything. This was my first time going to Bulldog BBQ and I thought the place was going to be like any other barbeque place, which is grungy and more casual. The decor of the restaurant is very relaxed and upscale at the same time. I plan to return back for some more delicious food and I recommend this place to anyone else who enjoys great quality food. I am a big fan!

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                  I guess the problem is perception...when you think of "Bulldog" think of a serious, stern kind of animal.....and when you combine "Bulldog" with "BBQ" envision a "serious BBQ" kind of place.....I haven't been to BBBQ.....and have no plans to......But I just think the name of the place should set the tone of what's to be expected.....and this place...from what I've read....really has very little to do with serious in the business sense....this plays well to the folks that live in NMB.....and as I've said before....that's good business.....and in these economic times....that's smart busines.....


              1. I just got back from a visit to Miami and I was looking for a new restaurant to try..My boyfriend and I decided to go to Bulldogs BBQ on Bicayne Blvd. I had to comment on this restaurant because the food was AMAZING!... The service was even better. I never had such friendly service in Miami. The waiter was quick, smart and super friendly.
                There is a reason why Bulldog BBQ was listed as one of the best new BBQ restaurants in America.. As a Canadian I may even go as far as t say North America..
                Although I have seen this concept before I was very impressed by everything my partner and I ordered. I also liked the paper towel rack next to the table. As a starter we shared the buffalo chicken wings . I ordered the ribs with a side of mac n cheese. The ribs were perfect! The mac n Cheese made with three different kinds of cheese including a very sharp aged cheddar was out of this world. My partner had the Pulled Brisket Sliders with Sweet potatoe fries. The brisket was soft and lean and marinated in the most delicious juices. One of the best tasting brisket I ever had outside the home... The fries were the best I ever had... I can't wait to go back on my next visit. A+