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Jun 1, 2009 08:57 AM

Pizza place that takes reservations?

I am planning a night for some out-of-towners this weekend and would like to take them to a solid pizza place (or italian restaurant that serves good pizza) that will take a reservation. Anything thats "good"by NY standards I am sure they will think its absolutely outstanding. All things being equal, someplace south of 30th would be best.

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  1. Mario Batali's place Otto takes reservations. Great pizza, small plates and serious wine list.

    It's a couple blocks from Washington Square Park- great place for an after meal stroll with your out of town guests!

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    1. Apizz and Cacio e Vino.

      1. Luzzo's.

        Not personally a fan of the pizza at Otto - and it's one of these things that the pizza crowd in NYC generally splits into 2 camps on. May want to check if it's a style your group would be into. Otherwise the pasta, hip decor, small side plate, meats and cheeses and location are all to be recommended there.

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          And don't miss the gelato at Otto.

          Agree with you on Otto's pizza. But some seem to like it as you mention.

          Arturo's is fun and festive. Live jazz. Pizza is pretty good. Didn't realize they took reservations. I would certainly consider it. Almost the exact opposite of Otto's modern, hip decor and style.

        2. Patsy's and Arturo's also take rezzies.

          1. if they dont mind standing for up to 45 minutes, go to Otto...I love otto, but they ALWAYS keep you waiting...with reservations...and it gets SO crowded in there.

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              I've never had to wait that long if I have a reservation and I've gone fairly often. I guess its hit or miss with wait time.