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Jun 1, 2009 08:48 AM

Kosher Wedding in Chicago 2009

My sister has just gotten engaged and we are planning an August 2009 wedding, which will require a kosher caterer. We are familiar with Danziger, Kosher Gourmet and Goldman-Segal. I was wondering whether there is anyone else available as well as any unsolicited comments regarding those mentioned above. Also, if anyone knows of inexpensive venues, where one could bring in catering (not reform or conservative congregations), that would be a huge help!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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  1. I used to work at a hotel that used Danzingers for Kosher weddings. They are good people..the price is really high.
    There are some hotels that allow you to bring in the catering (b/c it's Kosher) and then you pay a per person price (maybe $20) pp as a rental fee. Check into that...
    Esp. if the wedding is on a Sunday, you can get a nicer "deal."
    Good luck.

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      "the price is really high."

      The price for any Kosher catering can be really high, however, all the caterers will work with you to find choices that suit your budget. I've been to extravagant Danziger events as well as more modest ones. You can't really generalize.

    2. This should be moved to the Kosher board but oh well. We used Goldman-Segal at the Westin O'Hare, and in general we were very happy with Goldman-Segal. They modified the ingredients in their basic standard menu (for instance, adding mandarin oranges to the salad) and even created a certain soup at our request (papaya!). Also, usually bringing in catering can be more expensive.

      1. If you're having an Orthodox wedding, I know a lot of people get married at the Midwest Conference Center in the same building as the Concord, just off the highway. They are very familiar with kosher weddings (in short notice) and can coordinate a caterer for you.

        This weekend I'm going to a wedding in Evanston catered by Shallots (a kosher restaurant).

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          thank you for the information! I actually also just heard this weekend that Shallot's started catering weddings. If you wouldn't mind sharing your experience from this past Sunday in Evanston, I would really appreciate it.
          Thanks again!

        2. you might also check out Michael C's - - food is very good and he is willing to work with you on budget - in terms of venues many of the hotels have exclusive contracts with a single caterer -

          Here is a link to CRC Guide to Chicago which also has links to other caterers as well as the synagogues you can contact if they have space

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