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Jun 1, 2009 08:38 AM

Maui & Kauai Honeymoon

We're going to Maui & Kauai next week for our honeymoon!! We'll be in Maui (staying at Ritz Carlton) for 4 nights and in Kauai (Hyatt) for 4 nights. I've done my research and intend to hit, at the very least the following in Maui - are there any other not to be missed spots to add to my list:

Maui - Hali`imaile General Store, Mama's Fish House, Gerard’s Restaurant, David Paul’s New Island Grill

I've come up with a list for Kauai, but need some help narrowing down - where should we go, any other suggestions not on the list:

Eastside Restaurant (Kapaa)
Verde (Kapaa)
Beachhouse (Poipu)
Plantation Gardens
Fish taco truck at Anini Beach
Kilauea Fish Market's Ahi wraps
Koloa Fish Market

We'd also like to check at a Luau. Any recomendations?

Thanks so much in advance!!

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  1. I'll be in Kapalua next week but won't have time for Hailii'maile General Store although I will see Bev Gannon at the Seafood Festival on the 14th. My suggestion to you would be to do lunch there as Kapalua is quite a drive from the restaurant. When we've stayed in Wailea as we did
    in March we just had a fabulous lunch! With any luck you will have Lacey as your server she is
    absolutely the best!

    1. Re Maui, I would scratch Gerard's off your list -- it has been disappointing for the last several years. If you are staying at the Ritz, I would suggest you make it to The Gazebo for breakfast and Sansei for dinner.

      Re Kauai, we found the Beachhouse overrated and disappointing. We loved Roy's in Poipu (but it has no view).

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        We have no activities on the Saturday of our weekend there and we plan on going to Sansei.
        We've always enjoyed their food and the staff.

        The little store on the resort property has great food! Lots of produce from the Kapalua farms
        and local beef we've enjoyed many lunches from there. The only thing is you can't drink on the
        porch there if you wanted to enjoy beer or wine with your meal. We just took our food back to
        the Villa and enjoyed the ocean view.

        1. re: manomin

          You beat me to it manomin. That little store toward the front of the property is the only way to have breakfast when staying at the Ritz Carlton at Kapalua. Our friends paid a kings ransom for breakfast at the hotel, while we had the same thing for a quarter of the price. (Plus it's nice to get a short walk first thing in the morning. We, too, just brought the stuff back to our room.

          1. re: ladybugthepug

            Here's a link about the store


            My neighbors went over in November and bought some pre-marinated steaks and really enjoyed them. They grilled them at the Villas.

      2. Thank you so much for all the suggestions so far! It's really helpful.

        1. "We'd also like to check at a Luau. Any recomendations? "

          The feast at Lele.

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          1. re: Fritter

            This looks fun - thanks so much!!

          2. Smith's luau is probably the best on Kauai.

            If it's b/t Kilauea Fish Market and the Taco truck at Anini, go for Anini- the tacos there are really good.

            I have heard very good things about the new restaurant Red Salt at the Koa Kea hotel, if you want something more upscale.

            I don't think that the Eastside Restaurant or Verde are really 'must dos' so don't be bummed out if you don't get around to them.